Welcome to my new website image

Isn’t it lovely and bright?

I adored my old website, but it had developed a few quirks and every time I played with it I was worried I’d break something. More than once I sent it into mini meltdown, usually when I was loading a Teaser Tuesday guest post, and that was not good for my stress levels.

And no one needs more stress right now. The world is bonkers enough.

There is still a bit of tweaking to be done but that will happen over time as I get used to the new design and the behind the scenes dashboard. Fortunately, AusRom Digital Marketing, who did a terrific job designing the site, is on hand to offer expertise and make sure I don’t stuff it up completely.

What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know what you like or what you think could use improvement. I’d love to hear!


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