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What’s been happening in the Hein house this week? Well, as you can see, I have a shiny new website, so there’s been a lot of tweaking going on, of both the website and my tech-challenged brain.

You’ll have to bear with me as I get the hang of things. The new site operates a bit differently to the old one and I’m still on a learning curve, so please forgive wobbly bits or stuff that’s not quite aligned or looking as good as it should.

orange and cardamom creme caramelOther than website wrangling, I’ve been comfort cooking with variable success. Last weekend I tested out a recipe for orange and cardamom creme renversee (creme caramel) and it was beautiful. I tore this recipe from a copy Australian Gourmet Traveller back in 2012. Knew I’d get around to making it one day!

It was also much better than the coffee-flavoured panna cotta with choc-espresso ganache topping I made the previous week. That was horrid. Why don’t I trust my cooking instincts? It’s so annoying. I KNEW the recipe called for more gelatine leaves than was necessary, but nooooooo. I stuck with the recipe and we ended up eating coffee flavoured rubber. Blurk.

Anyway, enough of my kitchen disasters. This series isn’t called Teaser Food-day. Although… that’s not a bad idea. Something for the future perhaps!

I had great plans to tease you with a snippet from my latest release, Scarlett and the Model Man, but I’ve just had notice that the ebook of Wayward Heart will be promotionally priced on Amazon (and, I’ve just heard, on Kobo too!) in Australia and New Zealand for the month of May, which makes this the perfect time to spread the book bargain luuuurve.

I cannot adequately express how much I adore this book. It was one of the best books to write. The emotion of Digby and Jasmine’s story had me bouncing out of bed and racing for my desk each morning, the words falling out of my fingers onto the page in a big joyous rush. I appreciate that as the author I’m terribly biased about the book, but I truly believe that my joy shines through the final story and helps make it very special.

Although it’s not marketed as such (its different publisher makes this difficult), Wayward Heart is a follow-on story to Rocking Horse Hill, although it’s not necessary to have read the latter to enjoy the story or any of the others in the Levenham Love Story series.

So if you haven’t read Wayward Heart, do yourself a favour and grab a copy while it’s heavily discounted, and lose yourself in passion and drama of Jasmine and Digby’s romance.

Seeing as we’ve been talking cooking, I thought I’d choose a slightly food related snippet to share. In this scene, Jas is out riding and having a chat with her best friend Em, who is also our hero Digby’s sister.


‘Mum’s trying dinner again on Tuesday.’

Jas experienced a surge of sympathy for Digby. Adrienne’s anguish over her fractured family was understandable given the closeness they once enjoyed, but forcing family unity on Digby when his head and heart were still full of loss and guilt wouldn’t heal the rift.

Wayward Heart by Cathryn Hein‘In the kitchen this time, I hope.’

‘Yes. Mum’s finally agreed that keeping it casual will work better for everyone. She’s even making …’ Em flashed a grin as she drew out the suspense, ‘… spaghetti bolognaise.’


‘True. It’ll be homemade pasta, of course, and a slow-simmered ragout of hand-minced pork and veal, but basically spag bol.’

‘Wow.’ Jas blinked even more at the thought. Adrienne making spag bol was as alien as Em looking scruffy, or her grandmother wearing chain-store clothing. ‘I would never have imagined she had it in her.’


Don’t miss out on your bargain-priced ebook copy of Wayward Heart. Grab it from one of these stores today.

Amazon US | Amazon AU | Amazon UK

Kobo | Apple Books | Google Play | Barnes & Noble

Also available in print from:

Booktopia | Angus & Robertson | Dymocks

In case you haven’t seen it, previous post Tales from the Real Rocking Horse Hill has a lot of info about the inspiration behind Rocking Horse Hill and Wayward Heart. It’s even got a video of me taking Wayward Heart up a volcano and reading from it.

Check it out here.

Or learn more about how I came to write Wayward Heart in Of Beaches And Brothers, And Friends To Lovers, the Story Behind Wayward Heart.


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