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News from the Hein house is that I’m still comfort cooking and trying out new recipes. I managed to test out two new stir fries and a very yummy Goan coconut chicken curry recipe last week, while for our weekend desserts (no naughty desserting during the week here!) I made these sweet mocha creams. They were okay but I wouldn’t make them again. Not to worry. I have hundreds more dessert recipes to test out.

On the writing front, I completed something rather exciting and special, and which newsletter subscribers will learn all about soon. Until then, it’s a secret.

He he. I do luuurve a seeekrit.

Today for our Teaser Tuesday, we’re going to go back in time to The Falls. I’ve written only two books set in New South Wales – Heart of the Valley, which is set in the Hunter Valley, and The Falls, which is set in a lush fictional valley at the base of the Blue Mountains on the far outer fringes of Sydney, and was inspired by my time living in the Mulgoa Valley south of Penrith.

One of the stars of The Falls is the heroine Teagan’s Aunt Vanessa. Like Granny B aka Audrey Wallace from the Levenham Love Story series, Vanessa is one of my favourite secondary characters. She was just so alive!

I adored her menagerie of rescue animals, even Merlin the Magic Ram, who was completely bonkers (and based upon a ram my parents owned – read more about that here). She enjoys a rather delicious romance of her own too, giving readers a double dose of romance with Teagan and Lucas and Vanessa and Dominic.

Two for the price of one. Now there’s a rural romance bargain!

Here’s a taste of a conversation between Vanessa and Dom.


Are you telling me I’m not looking my best, Domenic?’

He chuckled, suddenly back to his usual self. ‘You could never look The Falls by Cathryn Heinanything less than amazing.’ The chuckle faded. ‘Don’t worry about Albright. I’ll take care of him.’

Although it went against everything Vanessa believed in, the idea of ceding control to Dom was a relief, even if it left her feeling uneasy. ‘You don’t have to do this.’

‘I do.’

She splayed her hands. ‘I have nothing to offer you in return. I need you to understand that.’

‘I’m not doing this because I expect anything in return. I’m helping because I want to.’ He was quiet for a moment. ‘I’m not like your exes, Nessie. You matter.’


Find out how Dom and Vanessa’s relationship plays out by grabbing a copy of The Falls today. Available in ebook and print from these online stores:

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If you’d like to learn more about the writing of The Falls, check out Ovine Adventures, The Story Behind The Falls on this website.


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