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Welcome to Teaser Tuesday, where I share snippets from new and past releases and works-in-progress, and occasionally twist the arms of author buddies to do the same.

Which is what we have again this week. Rah!

Before I introduce our faaaabulous guest, a few paragraphs about life in the Hein house.

I’ve been experiencing quite the learning curve with this new website design but I’m finally getting the hang of it. Best of all, the short Levenham Love Story that I mentioned last week is now ready to go, with the link being sent out to newsletter subscribers in my June newsletter. If you’re not part of the team, then join here. But make it snappy. That newsletter is going out veeeery soon.

The weather was horrible for most of last week which rather curtailed my morning walks and meant double time riding the exercise bike – good for me but, far out, it’s dull. To add to the misery, I came down with a rotten cold which meant a trip to the hospital for a COVID-19 test. Fortunately it came back negative. It was an interesting experience though, and my heart really went out to those on the frontline. The staff were working their bums off, yet maintaining their professionalism and most of all their good humour.

Having had quite a few hospital visits and stays these last couple of years, that fits in with my past experiences. Wonderful stuff.

Speaking of wonderful, I have event news!

Mark your diaries for Monday 8th June at 9-30 am for the COOKING THE BOOKS HOUSE PARTY, an online event featuring Maya Linnell (Bottlebrush Creek), Kaneana May (The One), Leonie Kelsall (The Farm at Peppertree Crossing), Carla Caruso (The Right Place) and me. Maya will be giving a scone making masterclass, while we chat about books and baking. Two things very dear to my heart!

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Right, it’s time for our Teaser Tuesday guest.

Today I’m absolutely delighted to welcome back Juanita Kees to Teaser Tuesday. Delighted because her new release Montana Son sounds like an absolute corker, with Publishers Weekly saying, “fans of small-town romance will devour this sensitive tale of redemption and second chances.”

Yes, my dears, we’re talking second-chance romance. Yippee!

Here’s Juanita to tell you more about the Calhouns of Montana and their stories, and share gorgeous snippet from Montana Son.


Juanita Kees authorHi Cathryn, thanks for having me on Teaser Tuesday! Hello, dear readers and welcome to Bigfork Montana. The Calhouns of Montana have had a long and tumultuous journey, and a few life changes in reaching Mason’s story in book 3, Montana Son.

Montana Baby by Juanita KeesThis series is not just about romance, it’s also about family strength and bonding, in good times and bad, and how the strength of that family bond can overcome anything. The Calhouns know that family goes beyond sharing blood and DNA.

In book 1, Montana Baby (first released as Overdrive) Mason is introduced as Chase’s dark and broody younger sibling. A bad boy shouldering the guilt and consequences of his actions. By book 2, Montana Daughter (first Montana Daughter by Juanita Keesreleased as Fast Lane), we see him mellow a little as the family begins to regroup, rebuild and heal after the loss of their baby brother, Mitch.

And now it’s time for Mason and Paige’s story. Two young lovers torn apart by a tragic accident, meet again six years later.

For Mason, seeing the girl he lost his head over that fateful day brings back too many memories. For Paige, coming home to Bigfork means confronting not only Mason again, but her estranged parents too. Can they forgive themselves, move on, and let love in? I hope you’ll read on to find out after this little teaser:


The low hum of an approaching pickup reached her ears. She watched it roll up and over the hill at the top of the street. Her breath hitched. Marty Calhoun’s truck. Another reason she’d gone with the decision to come home. She’d never forgive herself if she didn’t have another chance to see the man who’d welcomed her as part of his family, from the first day she and Trinity had made friends at school. To visit with him one last time before he succumbed to the disease that slowly stole his independence.

Montana Son by Juanita Kees coverPaige raised her hand to wave, the movement freezing as the truck drew closer and she realized it wasn’t Marty behind the wheel. Mason. Her heart hitched, her breath whooshed out as the truck slowed to a stop and his face became visible behind the windshield.

Pain, guilt, and punishment had etched hard lines into his face. The eyes that looked at her—through her—were equally as hard. Hazel eyes, a shade of greenish brown, like the volcanic rock pebbles that edged the shore around the lake. Beautiful eyes a girl could lose herself in that changed color with his mood.

A neatly trimmed beard edged his jaw. It suited him, added to that broody look he owned so well. Aged him a little in the nicest way. Made her want to reach out and hold his face in her hands.

The last time she’d seen him, he’d been clean-shaven. The Mason she’d left behind had been little more than a young adult, testing the boundaries of life, dealing with the consequences. The broken man behind the wheel of his father’s truck still wore the scars.

His lips tilted. In a smile or a sneer, the movement had been too fleeting for her to decide. Her feet took an involuntary step forward, her heart lodged in her throat. And in that small window in time, his gaze locked on hers, his eyes softened, and her world rocked. Then, with a quick, stiff nod, he drove away.


Ay-yi-yi, we’re in for some sizzling fun here, methinks!

Montana Son releases today. Grab your copy and settle down to this fabulous, fast-paced and emotional romance. Go on, it’ll make you feel all gooey and lovely.

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Juanita loves to hear from readers! Get in contact via her websiteFacebook or Twitter, and make sure you follow her on Bookbub so you don’t miss out on any deals.


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