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Welcome to Teaser Tuesday, where I share snippets of new and past releases and works-in-progress, and occasionally con author buddies into coming along for the ride.

You have me for the next few weeks – lucky devils that you are – and I plan to tease you with some exciting snippets from Serenity’s Song and a few other things I’ve been working on, putting Teaser Tuesday on your not to be missed list!

Have you read Tessa and the Dinner Date yet? Wasn’t it feel-good cute?

If you’re new to Teaser Tuesday, Tessa and the Dinner Date is a short Levenham Love Story I wrote as a present for newsletter subscribers. The newsletter went out last week but you can still catch the story by subscribing here. Once your subscription is confirmed, you’ll gain access to Tessa and the Dinner Date and four other stories. Too easy.

On the baking front, it’s been fairly quiet because the freezer is overstuffed from previous weeks. I did sneak in a batch of scones and tried out this recipe for hazelnut and chocolate friands though. Scones are always comforting and the friands were delicious. I’ll be making those again.

Oh, and after growing my hair for the past year or so – the last three months because of lockdown, not from choice – I finally visited my hairdresser and got it all chopped off.

Cathryn before and after haircut photos

I’m pretty happy about it too, as you can see. All that hair had been driving me crazy!

As I type this, Serenity’s Song is winging its way to book reviewers. A nerve-wracking time. I can only keep my fingers crossed that everyone will love Jesse and Serenity’s drama-filled romance as much as I do.

To celebrate this milestone, I thought I’d share a little snippet from the book. Just to get you in the mood!

One of Serenity’s beauty salon clients has spotted Jesse…


Serenity's Song by Cathryn Hein cover‘I don’t know how you concentrate with him here,’ said Marianne, jerking her head back at Jesse when Serenity caught up. ‘I’d have to change my knickers every hour.’

‘Easy. It’s like a pretty painting, you get used to it after a while.’

Marianne tutted and shook her head. ‘You’re a stronger woman than I, Miss Strachan.’


Methinks Ms Serenity may be feigning that nonchalance!

Be among the first to sample Jesse’s sexiness for yourself by pre-ordering your copy of Serenity’s Song today.

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Paperback links coming soon. Personally signed paperback copies will also be available for pre-order closer to release date.

Learn what inspired Serenity’s Song in Bad Boys and Creepy Fungus, the story behind Serenity’s Song.

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