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Welcome to Teaser Tuesday, where I share snippets from new and past releases and works-in-progress, and sometimes con author buddies into doing the same.

First up, news from the Hein house.

Those of you who read the blog regularly will know that I’ve recently had eye surgery. Both eyes now have new lenses and after a few wobbly days with eye two, things are slowly getting better.

No miracles, as expected. Crystal clear 20/20 vision was never on the cards, not with my dodgy eye health (you can read a little more about that here). Still, the improvement is impressive, and I’ve been told I’ll see even more as my eyes settle.

On the ‘holy hell this this amazing’ side, I can see the television screen without the thick goggles I used to wear, read the number plates of the cars in front when I’m in the car, and I’m pretty confident I’ll actually be able to see where my golf ball lands once I’m back playing. On the ‘oh shit, this isn’t fun’ side, my reading vision has gone totally up the spout. That should change over time.

I hope.

Anyway, on to even more maaaaarvellous things!

Did you know there are less than seven weeks until Serenity’s Song releases? I cannot wait for you to read this book and get to know Jesse and Serenity – who we first met in my first Outback Brides story, Elsa’s Stand – better and travel with them on their dramatic and exciting journey to love.

By the way, I’ll be sending out a newsletter tomorrow in which I’ll be sharing the entire first chapter of Serenity’s Song along with some exciting news about personally signed paperback copies. If you want to gain access to this chapter, and the news, join my newsletter team here. You’ll also receive access to a bunch of gorgeous romantic stories to tickle your heart. Too much goodness!


In this little teaser, Jesse has wandered into Hair Affair for a haircut and is getting more than he bargained for.


As Elsa continued clipping, REO Speedwagon gave way to a different song. Another he didn’t recognise but refused to ask about on principle.

Serenity's Song by Cathryn Hein cover‘George Thorogood’s “Get a Haircut”,’ supplied Serenity. But the song also took digs about getting a real job. His sulk deepened. Yeah, he’d been a slacker in the past, living off his dad’s largesse and then his hefty inheritance, but Jesse had a job now and he was doing well with it.

He curled his lip at Serenity before addressing Elsa. ‘How do you put up with it?’

‘With Serenity’s music? No problem. It’s very entertaining.’ She shared an eye-meet with her friend that Jesse couldn’t interpret. ‘It can also be very useful at times. Ask your brother if you don’t believe me.’

Jesse would. And ask advice on how to handle it. These two were bloody dangerous.


Poor Jesse, the girls have him in knots, especially Serenity. But there is much drama and soul-searching ahead and you’ll be able to enjoy the adventure too when Serenity’s Song releases on August 31st.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this heart-tugging story by pre-ordering your copy today.

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Curious as to the inspiration behind some of the drama in Serenity’s Song? Check out Bad Boys and Creepy Fungus, the story behind Serenity’s Song.

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