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Welcome to Teaser Tuesday, where I share snippets from new and past releases and works-in-progress, and occasionally twist the arms of author buddies to do the same.

Latest news from the Hein house is that I’ve started a new book. RAH!!

It stars the most delicious hero too. He’s suuuuuper heroic. Well, in my opinion he is. But he has a battle ahead before others see him in the same light.

And that’s all the hint you’re going to get for now. Stay tuned for more as writing progresses.

Have you seen my new website bookstore? This is where you can purchase personally signed print copies of many of my books (Australian postal addresses only). If you have yet to visit, check it out here.

Right. Onto our Teaser Tuesday snippet.

Today’s excerpt comes from The Country Girl, which is currently on sale in the Australian and NZ Amazon Kindle store for only $1-99. That price is for a limited time only, so get your skates on if you want to snap a bargain.


In this scene, our hero Patrick is beginning to get an idea of the feelings someone like Tash can arouse…

He spotted Tash through the glass door, stretching up from a small stepladder to screw a hook into the tall lattice screen that provided privacy from the main house to the flat’s terrace. The sun was shining on her, as it always seemed to be. Coco was on her haunches at the foot of the ladder, tennis ball in her mouth, regarding Tash with hopeful brown eyes. The dog dropped the ball, looked at it and back at Tash. She finished fastening the hook and smiled wryly at the dog. She stepped down, feinted a few kicks and sent the ball soaring with a hefty punt. Coco raced after it, Tash laughing as the labrador skidded so fast she almost took a tumble.

She moved the ladder along and stepped up to secure another hook. Patrick watched her for a few minutes longer, a strange full sensation building in his chest. He’d been hollow for so long that it was a weird feeling, and too much for his screwed-up head to process.


The Country Girl is one of my most highly rated and popular rural romances. Grab your copy today from:

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Interested in how I came to write Patrick and Tash’s story? Check out The Magic Bullet, the Story Behind The Country Girl.

You’ll also find another excerpt on its book page.

For even more fun, have a watch of Cooking the Country Girl, where I dress in a rabbit onesie and whip up one of Tash’s recipes.


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