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Welcome to Teaser Tuesday, where I share snippets from new and past releases and works-in-progress, and occasionally twist the arms of author buddies into doing the same.

Besides cooking paraphernalia, I’m a hoarder of two other things – notebooks and inspirations. Notebooks because… notebooks!

Inspirations though, they’re really important. They’re the things that keep the creative juices flowing.

I have a drawer chockers with inspirations. It contains all sorts of items – articles cut from newspapers, scribbled notes, photos, magazine stories, 

My ideas drawer

tourist brochures. Anything that I’ve looked at and thought ‘hmm, now there’s an idea’ or ‘ooh, wouldn’t they make a cool character.’

You’d think that this year, with the world a bit bonkers, there’d be fewer ideas to collect but that hasn’t been the case. It seems hardship and crisis brings out the best in some of us, especially in rural and isolated areas, and I have a wonderful collection of new inspirations featuring resilience and community spirit. Like this article about the resurrection of Murrayville’s golf course, or this story about a “biscuit fairy” in north-east Victoria’s Indigo Valley. So lovely!

Not all will make it into a book, of course, but they’ve been very cheering to read about, even if the ideas never get used.

And as I’ve said many times on the blog, right now we need all the cheer we can get!

Which is why today I’m going to share a cheery snippet from Eddie and the Show Queen. This is from an early Show Queen meeting during which Eddie announces his fundraising scheme to do dares for money. There are qualms…

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, all is well with the new garden plantings. Nothing dead yet. Bonus!


‘The committee and council have one major concern,’ said Tiffany. ‘That neither the Show Queen competition nor the Levenham Wine Show, nor the council for that matter, be brought into any disrepute.’

‘Wouldn’t dream of it,’ said Eddie.

‘And, well, we know what boys are like. We wouldn’t want to see you getting hurt doing a dare.’

Eddie & the Show Queen cover‘Neither would I. The Giants are at the top of the ladder. Can’t have their star ruckman getting injured. Anyway, I’m not a boy anymore.’ He winked cheekily, causing Tiffany to flush. ‘I’m a man who knows what’s what, but if you’re worried, I could always run anything dodgy past Mum. She’d have my guts for garters if I killed myself doing something stupid.’

Giggles broke out. Even Mrs Wallace’s mouth twitched.

‘What?’ asked Eddie. ‘She can be bloody scary, my mum.’

‘I believe you already have a dare lined up, Edmond,’ said Mrs Wallace, putting an end to the laughter. ‘Perhaps you could share?’

‘Oh, yeah.’ A lazy smile spread over his face. ‘A few of the lads have dared me to wear a pink fairy costume to the Arms on Saturday night. While it’s a bit embarrassing, it’s a shed-load better than the mankini they first proposed.’

A hush fell as everyone, including Alice, tried not to think of Eddie in a mankini.

‘How much will that earn you?’ asked Steph.

‘I think the bidding was at four-fifty when I accepted.’ He shrugged. ‘It’s not huge, but not bad for a couple of hours’ work. I’m going to carry a donation tin. A gold coin for a touch of my wand.’ At the horror on Tiffany’s face he quickly added. ‘My magic wand. Not … you know. I could make it a stroke of my wings instead?’

‘No,’ squeaked Tiffany, cheeks almost as crimson as her stretch-velvet miniskirt. ‘Wand is fine.’


Sigh. Eddie still makes me laugh and I’m sure he’ll give you plenty of smiles too when you read his and Alice’s story.

Eddie and the Show Queen is available now in ebook and print from these stores:

Amazon US  |  Amazon AU  |  Amazon UK  |  Apple Books  |  Kobo  |  Google Play | Barnes & Noble  |  Booktopia | Angus & Robertson | Bookdepository

Or purchase a personally signed copy from my online store (Australian postal addresses only).

Read more about Eddie and the Show Queen on its book page or discover the inspiration behind the story in Country Shows and Title Woes.


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