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Welcome to Teaser Tuesday, where I share snippets from new and past releases and works-in-progress, and occasionally con author buddies into doing the same.

We were meant to have a guest today but that has sadly fallen through. Instead, you have me again in what will most likely be the final Teaser Tuesday of the year.

I know. Sadness!

Usually I take Teaser Tuesdays right up until Christmas but I’ve decided to take an early break. 2020 has been a bugger of a year, for the world and for me personally, and I need a little rest.

So, as the silly season is nearly nigh, it seems only fitting this week’s Teaser Tuesday features my one and only Christmas story – Santa and the Saddler (although if you join my very cool newsletter team, you’ll have access to more Christmas stories).

Also, you can grab a bargain priced copy of this heart-warming tale from the Australian and New Zealand Apple Books stores, along with all the Levenham Love Stories. Bargain prices that the Australian Kindle store has also matched. Short time only though, so be quick.

Santa and the Saddler is such a feel-good story. Even when I was writing it, I felt my heart swell with the joy of Beth’s and Danny’s romance. They were so sweet and adorable, and Danny’s family were lovely.

Here’s a taste!


Danny glanced at the road and his expression took on a keen edge. He pointed ahead. ‘That fence marks the start of our place.’

Beth leaned forward, studying the paddocks closely. Letting go of her hand, Danny slipped his under her hair and smoothed the back of her neck.

‘How big is it?’

‘Eighteen hundred acres. Most of it’s pretty intensively farmed. Plenty to keep Dad and Nick busy. When hay season’s in full swing both Mum and I help out, Ebs too. And Pops, of course.’

Cover of Santa and the Saddler by Cathryn Hein‘A real family affair.’

‘Yeah, it’s good. See that?’ Danny pointed to a shiny galvanised windmill.

‘One of yours?’


Beth smiled. She bet he wore that same satisfied look each time he spotted a Levenham Windmill, and his pride made her feel a bit wistful. What did Beth have to feel like that about? Except for probably Ebony’s, she’d never see her browbands on the horses and ponies they were made for. In her current job she rarely made it out of the workshop, whereas Grandpop in his heyday made a point of visiting shows and local horse events to talk to owners about their purchases, fit saddles, and trend spot.

These days her grandparents had eased back, preferring to take weekends off to relax. Perhaps with retirement in their sights and the sale of the saddlery the most likely future, they saw no point. The thought stabbed sadness through Beth’s chest. The saddlery had been her grandparents’ life and although Beth had spent little time there, it mattered to her because it mattered to them. Losing it would hurt.

She glanced at Danny, so handsome and happy and sure of himself. So unashamed or scared of what was happening between them. Yes, losing O’Brien’s would hurt, but Beth knew from the way her heart somersaulted and swelled at his smile, his touch, his affection, that losing Danny would hurt even more.

And with every moment they spent together, the further she fell, that pain would only get worse.

‘We’re here,’ said Danny, slowing the ute and indicating. He glanced at her, his smile wide and lit with excitement. ‘Ready?’

Remembering Danny’s counsel to stop thinking about the end and enjoy the moment, Beth took a deep breath and nodded. It was Christmas. Not just any Christmas, but Christmas with Danny and the family he adored.

Whatever happened in the future, today would be worth it.


Awww, just reading that makes me smile and feel warm and squishy.

Santa and the Saddler will make you feel warm and squishy too. Grab your copy today from these stores and remember to watch out for those Levenham Love Story bargains!


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Or purchase a personally signed copy from my online store (Australian postal addresses only).


If you’d like to learn more about Santa and the Saddler, please visit its book page on this website. While you’re there, why not travel behind the scenes and discover the inspiration behind the story in Ticking Clocks and Horsey Stock, the story behind Santa and the Saddler.

Please note that while Teaser Tuesday is finishing up for the year, the bloggy goodness will continue with regular posts such as My Favourite Reads and more. So stay tuned.

Thanks so much for your support and take care, everyone!

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