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It’s My Favourite Reads time, the series where I share all the gorgeous books I read over the previous month and try to pick a favourite.

I enjoyed another bunch of good reads in November. No DNFs (did not finish) on the list but, sadly, one book that I read all the way through and didn’t end up liking despite its rave reviews. Not to worry, these things happen.

The book that blew me away though was a cracker, with the author further cementing her auto-buy status.

That book was…


Three Hours by Rosamund Lupton

Three Hours by Rosamund LuptonI have read and loved every book Rosamund Lupton has released, from Afterwards, to Sister and The Quality of Silence (my thoughts on that here). They were all compelling, with Afterwards in particular an emotional roller-coaster of a read.

Three Hours wasn’t quite as gut-wrenching as that story, but boy-oh-boy was it a ride. My fingers were like claws around my ereader throughout, my heart thumping as I fretted over the fates of all involved. Talk about anxiety overload!

An absolute page-turner of a thriller with lots of twists and turns and brilliant characters, which is pretty much what I’ve come to expect from Lupton.

I can’t recommend Three Hours enough. Brilliant. I cried at the end too. Love that.


The Glamourist by Luanne G. SmithThe Glamourist by Luanne G. Smith

I really enjoyed The Vine Witch (my thoughts on that here), the first book in what is now a The Vine Witch series and was excited to see The Glamourist hit stores. While not as romantic as book one, The Glamourist was still an entertaining read. I was curious about Yvette’s future and now I know. It was also nice to see Elena (heroine of The Vine Witch) so happy in her life too. I especially liked Elena’s fiancé Jean-Paul’s mother. She was a real surprise!

Book three, The Conjurer, releases in January. I have my eye on it.


Singapore Fling with the Millionaire by Michelle DouglasSingapore Fling with the Millionaire by Michelle Douglas

You know the trouble with books like this? Besides the issue of being so swept up I ignore my other half, that is. They make me desperate to go travelling.

In Singapore Fling with the Millionaire Michelle Douglas not only brought her characters wonderfully to life, she made Singapore real as well. I really felt like I was there, savouring the sights and sounds and colours and OMG THE FOOD!

Christy and James were so sweet, and I adored how excited and inspired Christy became as she explored her environment. James was lovely too. Kind and decent and definitely my kind of hero. His mother, though? Let’s just say she was something else!


Marry in Scarlet by Anne GracieMarry in Scarlet by Anne Gracie

Marry in Scarlet is the final book in Anne Gracie’s gorgeous Marriage of Convenience series and she finishes with a bang.

Georgiana has been a favourite character throughout the series and I really looked forward to her story. I’m delighted to say she didn’t disappoint. This was a hoot. I love a bamboozled hero and George certainly bamboozled the Duke of Everingham.

Lots of laughs, loads of gorgeous romance and a perfectly wrapped up ending. Terrific stuff.


The Smallest Part by Amy HarmonThe Smallest Part by Amy Harmon

I’m a big fan of Amy Harmon’s work, especially her fantasies which I’ve enjoyed hugely, but I’ll admit to being a bit worried about The Smallest Part. The blurb made it sound a bit love-triangley with no way out, and I need my happy ending!

I needn’t have worried. While The Smallest Part deals with a very messy set of relationships, it’s also a complex story about friendship, family, mental health and more. There’s also a touch of the paranormal in there.

Another dose of angsty goodness from a fab author.


A Modest Independence by Mimi MatthewsA Modest Independence by Mimi Matthews

A Modest Independence is the second book in Matthews’ Parish Orphans of Devon series and after meeting Jenny in book one, The Matrimonial Advertisement (which I talk about here), I was so glad to get onto her story. And Tom’s too, who seemed such an interesting character. But all the parish orphans are, I think.

Tom is smack in my hero zone, despite his ‘ordinariness’. He’s clever, quiet and compassionate, although it takes a while for Jenny to truly trust him on the latter. Not that I can blame her after what happened to her former mistress Helena in book one!

I particularly enjoyed the armchair travel. That was most enlightening. Next up, A Convenient Fiction.


What books have tickled your fancy lately?


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