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Welcome to My Favourite Reads, the series where I rave about the best books I’ve read over the past month, and love it when you share yours too!

February was busy, with not a lot of reading time and a monster-sized fantasy that took some getting through, so this month’s list is a bit light on.

The books that are listed were fantastic though! No overall favourite because they were all great and highly recommended.


Cover of The Scoundrels Daughter by Anne GracieThe Scoundrel’s Daughter by Anne Gracie

Hooly-dooly, The Scoundrel’s Daughter was a cracking read and a great start to this new The Brides of Bellaire Gardens series.

Absolutely loaded with Gracie’s typical warmth and humour, The Scoundrel’s Daughter is a delightful story, with hugely sympathetic characters and a plot that rollicks along. It also has the added bonus of featuring not just one romance, but two. The main one is between Alice and James, and I loved it. Both are gorgeous characters. Poor Alice when she realised she was being blackmailed… Bramber was indeed a scoundrel!

This had some genuinely funny moments. The “um” thing made me smile every time it came up, and James’s youngest daughter was adorable, while the smart banter throughout was also memorable.

Excellent stuff. Next stop: The Rake’s Daughter.


Cover of The Tilt by Chris HammerThe Tilt by Chris Hammer

I enjoyed Hammer’s Treasure and Dirt enormously when I read it last year (my thoughts on the book here) and was keen to spend more time with Ivan and Nell. Although Ivan does make an appearance, The Tilt is mainly Nell’s story. Which was fine by me. She’s great.

The Tilt started off with a big hook – a man running for his life in a forest, chased by dogs and men with guns – and didn’t let go. I like a cold case murder and this one proved to be a tricky one, challenging clever Nell both professionally and personally.

As with previous Chris Hammer books I’ve read, the sense of place in The Tilt was very strong. But it was the mystery that intrigued me most. The flashes back in time were interesting too. Gave me a few blast from the past moments, that’s for sure.

I already have The Seven, the next Nell and Ivan story, on my Kobo. Rah!


Cover of The Other Bridget by Rachael JohnsThe Other Bridget by Rachael Johns

Rachael Johns is well known for her rural romances and life lit, but with The Other Bridget she’s ventured into the world of romcoms and her voice couldn’t be better suited.

The Other Bridget has a fantastic premise. We’ve got a hopeless romantic librarian who’s worried she carries the same Bridget curse as the unlucky in love fictional character she’s named after. Except life seems to take a turn when Bridget is suddenly wooed by sexy local barista Fabio while feuding with hottie new neighbour Sully.

I won’t give any more away except to say this was a delightful and heartwarming read, full of romance and community and friendship. But the way the story centred around books, and how they can bring people together and even change their lives, was my favourite thing.

One for booklovers and romantics!


Cover of Glenrock by Lee ChristineGlenrock by Lee Christine

I’ve loved all of Lee’s crime novels. They’re fantastic reads, with excellent mysteries, great characters, and a vivid sense of place.

Glenrock was no exception. In fact, I think I loved this even more than the Snowy Mountain books because it was set in and around Newcastle (where I live, for those who may not be aware). Everywhere was so recognisable, from the titular Glenrock State Conservation Area to the harbour and right down to a café and the bowlo in Carrington. Such a blast.

But back to the story. Told from multiple perspectives, this mystery about the murder of a supreme court judge was cleverly done. Glenrock hooked me from the opening and didn’t let go. It was wonderfully compelling, complex and twisty, and even had a touch of romance. Always a nice extra.

Satisfying all round and highly recommended.


Cover of A Fire Endless by Rebecca RossA Fire Endless by Rebecca Ross

I really enjoyed A River Enchanted, the first book in this Celtic inspired fantasy duology (I talk about that here). It ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, and I was keen to see how the story played out.

It had been a while since I read A River Enchanted so it took me a bit to gain my feet with A Fire Endless, but once I was into it there was no putting the book down.

This is a very lush read with a strong atmosphere and lots of beautiful description and emotion from the characters, most of whom are facing terrible conflicts from both the clans and the fey world. There are gorgeous romances and stories of love throughout.

A lovely read and good end to the duology.


What were your favourite reads of February? Share away!


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