Scarlett and the Model Man

He might be the perfect model, but is he the right man for Scarlett?

Scarlett and the Model Man cover

When up-and-coming artist Scarlett Ash discovers the perfect model in small-town Levenham, she can’t believe her luck. Her creativity abandoned her months ago and with her move to London to take up a prestigious residency fast approaching, she’s desperate for a muse to bring it back.

Surfing dairy farmer Sam Greenwood is delivering milk when a gorgeous girl accosts him. Charmed by her invitation to model for a painting, Sam wants to say no. While Scarlett might be stunning, she’s arty-farty weird, and he’s flat out with his growing dairy business. Somehow, though, he can’t resist.

As Scarlett struggles to find her way with her new work, Sam becomes determined to help. Scarlett is smart, talented and sympathetic to the unremitting toil of dairy farming, and they’re both healing from failed relationships. Soon burgeoning friendship blossoms into so much more.

Knowing that London beckons and her time in Levenham is short, Scarlett resists the lure of love. She has no plans to return to Levenham, and big-hearted Sam deserves more than a brief fling followed by a quick goodbye. Except as their affair deepens, how can she leave the man who’s not only given her back her passion but her heart?

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“Cathryn Hein has taken me on a trip back to Levenham, I do love visiting this town and the wonderful people who live there and this time we get to see artist Scarlett get her HEA, the one she deserves so much and with none other than surfer dairy farmer and good all round guy Sam, I hope you come along for the fun and heart-warming romance.”

– Amazon review

“A fantastic, feel-good story. If you’re after a love story that will make you go ‘awww’ and which features two people who seem walk-off-the-page real, then go and grab ‘Scarlett and the Model Man’. Do it now! I read this in one sitting and with a big smile on my face. It’s got Cathryn Hein’s hallmark warmth and charm, with an Aussie country town/bush setting and an adorable hero.”

– Annie West, bestselling author

Go Behind the Scenes…

In When Life Becomes Fiction, the story behind Scarlett and the Model Man.


Scarlett has just finished lunch with Audrey Wallace…

She farewelled Audrey with a kiss and trudged back to the restaurant, where she’d left her car in the small carpark behind. Heat haze rose from its sticky asphalt. Even more heat throbbed from the concrete wall of the adjoining building. Her little hatchback’s red metallic duco shone like hot steel. Scarlett dreaded to think what the interior was like.

A ute with a fridge unit on the back and a ‘Sam’s Dairy’ logo stencilled on the side was pulled up at the rear of the restaurant, close to the kitchen. One side of the fridge unit’s double doors was open and a man with a piece of folded paper between his teeth was dragging a blue crate filled with plastic milk bottles towards him from the inside.

Scarlett’s walk slowed, then stopped, her heart thudding.

The man hoisted the crate with a grunt, biceps and shoulders bulging beneath the fabric of his tan-coloured polo shirt. His skin was finely sheened—with sweat or sunscreen, she couldn’t tell—and glowed soft gold in the sun. Light-brown curls tipped with copper caressed his stubbled jaw. With a shove of his shoulder, he closed the fridge unit’s door and disappeared into the restaurant’s rear entrance.

Scarlett’s mouth opened, closed, then opened again. A delicious shiver shot through her and she shook herself a little. Calm, she needed calm. It had been a short glimpse. Not enough time to judge properly, and the lack of wedding ring meant nothing.

But she knew. Oh, how she knew. The flutters inside her were so strong, she was in danger of winging skywards at any moment.

She’d found her model man. And he was perfect.

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