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Cover of The Grazier's Son by Cathryn Hein

When taking up an unexpected inheritance with an unhappy past, newcomer Stirling is daunted to find a town set against him. Except, perhaps, for one sassy, big-hearted woman, who is willing to give him a chance to prove he belongs. Pitch-perfect rural romance from popular Australian author Cathryn Hein.

When helicopter pilot Stirling Hawley travels to Grassmoor in Victoria’s lush western districts to claim an inheritance, he doesn’t expect to face a town that hates him.

Nor does he anticipate being saved from near-death by glamorous vintage clothing designer Darcy Sloane. Or that she’ll take a personal interest in his recovery. But Grassmoor and Westwind, the historic mansion Stirling inherited from the father he never knew, prove full of surprises.

The more Stirling digs into his father’s life, the more uneasy he becomes. Behind Dougal Kildare’s respectable stock agent and farmer veneer was a man of secrets. While the fraud that devastated the community and led to Dougal’s tragic suicide is one, there are others. And such things never stay buried forever…

As Stirling’s suspicions about Dougal’s death grow, danger creeps ever closer. Until it’s not only Stirling’s life in peril but the woman he’s come to love.

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Praise for The Grazier’s Son

“This is Australian rural romance writing at its finest. …The writing had the perfect mix of slow burn romance, mystery and intrigue. An unassuming and lost MMC, a sassy and unapologetic FMC and host of perfect side characters made for a fabulous and unputdownable read!”

The Bookdragon’s Den

“This is just a perfect read! Cathryn Hein has been one of my favourite authors since I first picked up one of her books I am going to say almost 12 years ago now. And books like this one are why. 9/10”

Bree from 1 girl….2 many books!

“This is the first book I have read by the bestselling rural romance and romantic adventure novel author and it won’t be my last. …an all-round winner for me and five big stars.”

Karren’s Reading Nook

“I loved this book, my first by this author. It won’t be my last. I felt very emotional while reading The Grazier’s Son. I choked up in places, my eyes glistening with tears, and was tense with fingernails digging into my palms in others. I enjoyed the sensual, sensitive treatment of the love scenes and cried freely twice as the author ripped my heart to shreds. The perfect read.”

Sandysbookaday, Goodreads.

Seriously, folks, this is one not to be missed. I couldn’t put it down. Stirling is to die for–a real hero–while heroine Darcy is an utter delight! Throw in a gorgeous historic homestead, the best (and worst) of living in a small country town, a simmering mystery with a dash of danger, and you have a winner. I chuckled, I shed a tear, and I happy sighed. Bravo, Ms Hein!

Romance author Michelle Douglas

OMG it is brilliant, this is one of the best rural romances that I have read with awesome characters. It has a fabulous romance, mystery and a some danger added in to make it a page turner and one not to be missed.

Helen, Australian Romance Readers Association member and reviewer

Go Behind the Scenes

In Fraud and Fairytale Castles: The Story Behind The Grazier’s Son


‘How long has VaVoom been going for?’ asked Stirling.

‘Six years.’ Darcy resisted the urge to park her bum back on the bed and tell him all about it. She was sure the question was posed out of politeness. ‘Four of them full time.’

‘What did you do before that?’

‘I was at the Toyota dealership here.’

Interest flickered across his face as though she’d surprised him. ‘Doing what?’

‘Sales. I was truly excellent at it too.’

He laughed. Not a chuckle but a proper laugh. The sound warmed Darcy’s insides.

‘Somehow that doesn’t surprise me.’

‘And you?’

‘Me what?’

‘What are you excellent at?’

Stirling tipped his head. ‘Are we flirting?’

‘Of course not.’ Although they absolutely were. ‘That sort of behaviour could do a man an injury.’ She pursed her lips. ‘Further injury. I wouldn’t want that on my conscience.’

His mouth twisted up in one corner. Not smiling, more thoughtful. He regarded her business card and tapped it against the side of his fist.

Flirting with Dougal Kildare’s son. What was she thinking?

That he was gorgeous, that’s what. Goodness, now she could add shallow alongside silly to her current list of personality failings.

‘Who taught you to sew?’

‘My gran.’ Darcy smiled at both his continued curiosity and the mention of her beloved grandmother. ‘Mum can sew but she doesn’t love it. Gran’s a gun.’

‘You are too. Obviously.’

‘Indeed I am.’

The smile was back, complete with dimple. ‘No false modesty with you, Darcy Sloane.’

‘Not when it comes to sewing, no. It’s my passion. I fell head over heels from my first lesson. I can still remember it. Gran helped me make pyjamas for Wilbur—that was my teddy bear. We took him from fuzzy brown obscurity to purple tartan glory in less than an hour, and I was truly gone.’ She stroked her shiny sleeve. ‘I’ve been making my own clothes since I was twelve.’ Darcy winked. ‘Not always to my parents’ liking.’

That scored her another laugh, then he sobered. ‘It’s good to meet someone who’s made a life out of their passion.’

She caught the note of chagrin in his tone. ‘You haven’t?’

‘I did,’ he said quietly, his eyes lowering. ‘It’s over now.’ For a moment it looked as though he’d say more, then he glanced around the ward and shrugged. ‘Shit happens.’

Darcy wanted to probe further. What was over for him? Surely his leg would heal and let him carry on his passion, whatever it was. The injury was serious but not life-changing.

Stirling’s expression prevented further inquiry. His gaze continued to sweep the ward like he was assessing a field of play. Darcy slid a look behind her. Two curious faces peered at them from the beds against the other wall. She felt a childish urge to give them a little wave and embarrass them into focusing elsewhere. Except they probably wouldn’t. The son of the now notorious Dougal Kildare was too much of a novelty.

She looked back to find him watching her.

‘Always an audience around here,’ he said and there was no mistaking the bitterness in his tone.

‘I know,’ said Darcy, trying for humour. ‘I do apologise. I tend to have this effect on people and, well …’ She leaned forward and spoke in a conspiratorial whisper. ‘I am wearing a rather fetching satin bomber jacket.’

He smiled but his amusement was short-lived. He regarded his clenched fists and hauled in a breath, as if the attention exhausted him. Or he was trying to settle burgeoning anger.


‘It’s nothing. Just me. Don’t worry about it.’

A lie. Those taut knuckles weren’t nothing.

Darcy hesitated then touched his arm. ‘It’ll pass. Give it time.’ Although she couldn’t promise that. For some, the damage Dougal had done would rattle through generations. Stirling would always attract their attention.

His head jerked up. His eyes scanned hers, back and forth, back and forth, before resignation turned them dull. ‘You know who I am.’

Oh no, Darcy wasn’t having any of his self-pity. Nor would she allow him to put her in others’ shoes. Darcy Sloane formed her own opinions, thank you very much.

She straightened and regarded him down her nose.

‘No, Stirling, I don’t. I know who your father is. I know you inherited Westwind. About you?’ She hoisted her bag on to her shoulder. ‘I know nothing at all.’

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