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A (Short) Day At The Races

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Ah, the joy of serendipity! As many of you know, I’m currently in South Australia at my parents’ house in Mount Gambier. Being a bit distracted by other matters, I hadn’t paid much attention to any events that might be happening locally and was delighted to discover that the town’s premier race meeting of the year, the Gold Cup, was on while I was home. Even more happily, a family friend was attending, had tickets to a corporate tent, and when she heard I’d still be around on the Friday, promptly invited me along.  You can imagine how fast I said yes!

Myself and family friend, Bernie Tichbom.

Myself and family friend, Bernie Tichbom.

Unfortunately, there would be no Gold Cup. We’d had rain all week and the first day of the cup carnival the day before, and the track started a heavy 10 (the maximum rating and pretty muddy). By the time three races had been run, the turf was that cut up it was looking dangerous. The rollers came out, but when the delay was announced as indefinite it didn’t look promising. At 3pm after a long inspection by the stewards, the meet was abandoned. A shame, especially for all those who put so much effort into the day and its preparations, but the safety of horses and jockeys must take priority.

Mind you, that didn’t stop the partying. Given wind chill had the apparent temperature around 8 degrees, I guess many thought a few drinks would warm them up. But it was all good fun and a happy time appeared to be had by all. Such a pity I won’t be around for the rescheduled race. Maybe next year!

Here are a few photos of the day.

Crowds at the 2015 Mount Gambier Gold Cup

Trackside, early in the afternoon. It was a little more raucous later!


 See that horse coming last? I backed that one. Sigh.


In steeplechases it’s not unusual for the jockeys to walk the horses up to the jumps before the race begins.


 My horse came 2nd. Which would have been fine if I hadn’t backed it only for the win. Not  enough runners for place payouts anyway.

Fashions on the field

There were lots of entrants in the fashions on the field. I thought the girl in ochre on the far right looked fantastic. Sadly she didn’t win. The girl on the far left did.

Fashions on the field

 Trousers suited the day. It was freezing!

Fashions on the field

Gorgeous outfit but perhaps more spring than autumn? I think that’s Amelia Mulcahy of Channel 7 interviewing the ladies. She looked lovely too!

Fashions on the field

With racing halted, all eyes were on the fashions.

Cathryn Hein at the Mount Gambier Gold Cup

No fashions on the field for me. I had no idea the races were on let alone that I’d be going. Otherwise I would have packed a proper hat and gloves, and a ruddy great wool coat!