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Not rising, soaring!

My Australian Women Writers

Challenge Update

Oh, I underestimated myself bigtime! Back in mid-February when I signed up for the Australian Women Writers Challenge I was obviously feeling delusional. awwbadge_2013I should have known from my past reading how often I choose books by women writers and, more importantly, by Australian women writers.

My AWWC goal was to read 10 books. Last update I stated that I was rising to the challenge but was yet to reach that target. It turned out that wasn’t quite true. If I’d counted Hannah Richell’s The Secrets of the Tides I would have hit the big 10. Phht. Who’s quibbling? Not me, that’s for sure, because not only have I now absolutely reached my goal, I’ve given it a good spanking!

Here is what I’ve read since that June 19th update:

Six of them are by authors I’ve never read before. Sarah Mayberry’s two Favourite books were completely delicious. Outback Bride was gorgeous, with a sweet pony and a lizard race for extra fun. The Yearning had some stunning writing as did The Light Between Oceans, although with very different styles. The Mistake was a fascinating look at rural society, while Gather the Bones was simply an amazing story that I think everyone should read.

That’s TEN books by Australian Women Writers since my last update, which makes it TWENTY for the year, and with a quick glance at my to-be-read bookshelf there are plenty more to come.

So, seeing as it’s only September, can I challenge myself to read another ten books by Australian women authors by the end of the year?

I think I can!

If you’d like to know more about the AWWC, check out the website. You can also follow and contribute to discussions on FacebookTwitter and Goodreads.

Sinking my teeth into more great reading!

Sinking my teeth into more great reading!

Rising to the challenge!

Earlier in the year I signed up for the Australian Women Writers Challenge, with the goal to read at least 10 books by Australian female authors this year. By mid-Feb, when I did my last update, I’d read four. Ten was looking easy. Then I managed to get a bit distracted and didn’t read any for a few months, but lately I’ve been back on the job, reading some wonderful Aussie authors, and discovering some great new voices.Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013 logo

Added to my read list are:

The stand-outs were The Secret Keeper (Kate Morton is such a wonderful storyteller), These Haunted Hearts (I adore Anna’s lush historical romances and this one, with a bonus ghost story, was gorgeous!), and Ask Me To Stay (Elise Ackers is a new author to me and one I’ll be reading again. I loved this story and she has an unique voice that I really warmed to).

I’ve been a bit naughty-good on the book buying front lately and have plenty more books by Australian authors loaded in my e-reader. I haven’t reached my goal yet (and do novellas and short stories count?) but I’m confident I will. Mind you, a nice long lazy holiday with plenty of reading time wouldn’t go astray, and it’d rather help if I could finish my own book, but that (I hope) is for later in the year. Anyway, this is meant to be a challenge!

How about you? Read any wonderful Australian female authors lately that you want to tell everyone about?