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Teaser Tuesday!

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Teaser Tuesday MemeWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, where I share snippets from new and past releases and works-in-progress and occasionally bribe author buddies in to doing the same.

Now, don’t cry, my lovelies, but this is the final Teaser Tuesday of 2019.

I know, I know. It’s very sad. Never fear, we’ll be back again next year from mid to late January with lots more teasers from me and our special author friends.

So let me take this opportunity to thank you for your support throughout this year and to wish you and your families a truly wonderful holiday season and a fabulous New Year. May 2020 be brilliant for us all!

Santa and the Saddler Christmas memeSpeaking of brilliant, make sure you pick yourself up a brilliant bargain from the good folks at Kobo. They have Santa and the Saddler on sale for only 99 cents. This Romantic Book of the Year finalist will warm your heart and make you sigh and maybe even sniffle a little. All the feels, my friends. All the feels.

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Now, because it’s Christmas, I have a suuuper special present for newsletter subscribers. Coming this Wednesday to an inbox near you is my Christmas newsletter, complete with special link to a short Levenham Love Story called Belle and the Perfect Present.Belle and the Perfect Present bannerThis story is sweet and cute and chock-a-block with Christmas joy. You will smile! But as I said, it’s exclusive to newsletter subscribers. If you’d like access – and of course you do! – please join the cool kids by clicking the newsletter tab on this website. Doing so will also give you access to three other short stories, plus you’ll never miss a new release.

Okey-dokey… what would be a good teaser to end the year with?

I think there can only be one answer. The book that I know you’re hanging out for. The book that will make you all squishy inside when you read it. The book that features a surfing dairy farmer and a talented artist and has a gorgeously sweet romance you’re going to adore.

Yes, book friends, I’m going to end the year with a teaser from Scarlett and the Model Man. Only a little teaser, mind. I don’t want to be giving too many secrets away yet.

Please note: This is an unedited snippet so please forgive any wobbly bits.


Sam wasn’t a bad-looking rooster but no way was he model material. His nose was a bit big and kinked to the left thanks to being hit by a stray surfboard and most of the time his salt-damaged hair looked like Medusa’s. At five feet eleven, he wasn’t particularly tall either. His shoulders were good though, from years of swimming and surfing, and his mum and sisters reckoned he had nice hazel eyes, not that he could see it. To Sam they had all the colours of a swamp. Maybe a sunlit one when the light shone right, but still a swamp.

Good bloke, yeah. Model, no.


Scarlett and the Model Man will go up for pre-order in the new year. If you want to be the first to hear about it (and don’t forget that special access to Belle and the Perfect Present), join the cool newsletter gang. Besides all the news, you’ll also receive access to a couple of free short stories to enjoy over a cuppa.

Thanks and see you in 2020!


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Teaser Tuesday!

Teaser Tuesday MemeWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, where I share snippets from new and past releases and works-in-progress, and occasionally nag author buddies into doing the same.

What’s news from the Hein house? Well, not a lot because I’m currently in outback Queensland where we’re helping out my parents-in-law for a few days. As you’d expect when you’re north of the Tropic of Capricorn in November, it’s hot.

Speaking of hot (oh, I luuuuurve a good segue), have you snapped up your hot-priced copy of The Country Girl from Amazon’s Australian store yet? There are only days left to run on this promotion so make sure you do before it returns to normal price.

I mentioned this on my Facebook page, but I’ll mention it here too because I’m about to give you your first sneak-peek of Scarlett and the Model Man and with Facebook only showing a teensy percentage of page posts to followers, you probably missed it.

At the end of October, I travelled up to the Maitland Regional Art Gallery to see the Nightingale and the Rose exhibition, featuring artworks by two-time Archibald Prize winner Del Kathryn Barton. When I originally came up with Scarlett’s character while writing Eddie and the Show Queen, I used Barton’s style as the inspiration for Scarlett’s, although Scarlett’s works are a bit more… erm… risqué. Those who have read Eddie and the Show Queen will know what I mean.

The Nightingale and the Rose is a collaboration between Barton and filmmaker Brendan Fletcher, and brings to life Oscar Wilde’s fairytale in an animated work. It was gobsmacking. The colours were incredible, the intricacy of the works and their animation mesmerising, and Wilde’s short story tugs hard at your emotions. I could so easily imagine Scarlett being involved in a project like this. Perhaps if she gets a mention in another Levenham Love Story, she will.

This video gives a taste of the film Barton and Fletcher created.

And now for a taste of Scarlett and the Model Man. This is first draft stuff, so please forgive any awkwardness.

In this snippet, Sam goes snooping in Scarlett’s artworks and gets more than he bargained for.


He wandered over to the wall of propped canvases. The colours were incredible, vivid and almost glittery, as if a series of jewellers’ trays had been upended and swirled about. Sam glanced at Scarlett and found her watching him as she poured water.

He gestured at the paintings. ‘May I?’

‘Sure. Knock yourself out.’

He crouched to flick through a layer. The first was painting of a woman standing in a whirlpool of colour that made him think of the oily rainbows that sometimes appeared in spilled fuel. The woman was strangely proportioned – her head overlarge, her body thin but with dramatically defined muscles. She had a sheet draped over one shoulder, her neck long and stretched as she stared at something behind her.

The next painting was of a green-eyed, dark-haired woman, her body pale and arched and surrounded by alien plant life that was creeping hungrily toward her. One arm was lifted as though beckoning the viewer to join her in her fantasy world.

Sam swallowed and flicked quickly to the next painting, and wished he hadn’t. The scene was similar but this time the green-eyed woman’s eyes were closed and her lips open, as though on a sigh. If that wasn’t disturbing enough, her thighs had been eased apart by plant tendrils that had wrapped around her ankles. In the swirly green and browns of the surrounding forest, hooded eyes glowed.

Sam jerked upright and shoved his hands deep into his jeans’ pockets. Now was not a good time to be thinking about naked women, and especially not naked Scarletts.


He he. I love that scene and can’t wait to share more of Sam and Scarlett with you.

Scarlett and the Model Man will release in 2020. If you want to be the first to hear about it, join my newsletter team. It’s where all the cool people are!

You can also meet Scarlett in Eddie and the Show Queen. Check out its book page on this website for the cover, blurb, links and an excerpt.


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