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Teaser Tuesday!

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Teaser TuesdayWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, the most tantalising blog series where I share snippets from works-in-progress, up-coming releases and published novels. Unless I get excited and decide to show off teasers from writing buddies, like today.

My guest today is romance author S.E. Gilchrist, and my goodness is she a clever-clogs! Why? Because S.E. writes across multiple genres including science-fiction, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, ancient history and (best of all) rural romance.

She’s here today to tell you a little about the fantastic Bindarra Creek rural romance series, share a snippet from Bindarra Creek Makeover and, very generously, offer a giveaway. So read on!

Author SE GilchristGood morning, Cathryn.

Thank you for hosting me on your site today for this week’s Tuesdays Teasers and for this wonderful opportunity to promote a group writing venture called Bindarra Creek Romance series. This venture has thirteen members, all of whom have now released their books with the last one out in July 2016. I’m very proud of my fellow writers and the enthusiasm they brought to the table for this series. Together we built a solid community with endearing characters and stories that whilst can be read as stand-alones, continue our underlying premise of a small, rural town working together to build a vibrant community.

My teaser is from my book, Bindarra Creek Makeover and is roughly halfway into the story where the hero’s grandmother is up to her machinations to keep Tessa and her daughter in Bindarra Creek.


Footsteps crunched on the gravel around the side of the house. Dammit. I’d hoped for a quiet word with Edwina so we could leave without any fuss. That doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Oh well. I have to make my position clear and there’s no time like the present.

The door swung open and Dodge strolled in, taking off his jacket and beanie at the same time.

“Great. I’m just in time for elevenses,” he said placing his jacket on the hook.

Immediately the atmosphere in the kitchen changed, it seemed charged with the energy of his presence. His gaze swept over Tessa where she stood dithering beside the table, spoons in her hand. She couldn’t seem to tear her eyes from him. His uniform gave him an aura of power and coupled with his inherent sex appeal, a girl would have to be dead not to notice.

“Do you like Lord of the Rings, too?” Kaylee stared at him wide eyed above the rim of her glass.

Bindarra Creek Makeover by SE Gilchrist“Yep. Watched it five times already.”

“Me too.” A look that suggested adoration settled on her face.

“We can watch it tonight if you want to.” Dodge winked at her as he sat and gave the dog a long scratch behind his ear. Rufus thumped his tail madly.

“Mummy?” squealed Kaylee.

“Kaylee, don’t talk with your mouth full. And your homework has to be done before anything else.” What is he doing here? Checking up on us? She tapped her toe against the floorboards. “Do you come home from work every day for morning tea?”

He leaned back in his chair, his gaze travelling from her hot face down her neck, seemed to linger an awfully long time in her chest region before wandering down her legs and back up again.

Her nipples tightened. She prayed he couldn’t tell through the thickness of her jumper.

He grinned. “Only when there’s something tasty on the menu.”

He could tell.

Tessa could have thrown the tea towel at him.

With a dramatic sigh, his grandmother lowered herself into the chair.

A frown chased away Dodge’s smirk. “Something wrong Gran?”

Eyes half-closed, Edwina fanned herself with a napkin. “I must have done too much this morning. I don’t feel so good.”

Tessa narrowed her eyes. There’d been no problem with her when she was racing up and down that ladder.

“Renovating a house this size is really a young person’s job. My old bones…” she let her voice trail off suggestively.

Cunning old fox. Tessa ate cake and waited.


Bindarra Creek Makeover is available now at: Amazon AU | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Thanks, S.E. Ooh, a do love a naughty grandparent. They’re such fun!

And now folks, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Yes, we have a…


Here’s S.E. to tell you about it.

I have a random giveaway of a paperback copy of Bindarra Creek Makeover (if domestic winner) or if international winner, an e-copy of my book to be gifted from Amazon. Provide your answers to the following questions and go in the draw.

  1. Do you like rural romances and why?
  2. What is Dodge’s gran’s maiden name?

Have a great day!

Please Note: Giveaway closes midnight Friday AEST, 12th August 2016.

If you’d like to know more about S.E. Gilchrist and her fabulous books, please visit her website. To discover more about the Bindarra Creek series visit bindarracreekromance.com or stay tuned to Teaaser Tuesday where I’ll be featuring more books from the series in coming weeks.


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FRIDAY FEAST with S.E. Gilchrist

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Phew! What a week. Despite having been home from the RWA conference and our mini holiday for a while now I still feel like I’m catching up. But that’s okay. It was worth every minute.S.E. Gilchrist author photo

Speaking of worth every minute (oh, what a segue!), I have a fabulous guest for you today, who’ll be sharing the perfect recipe for warm weather lovers and the time poor. After several years travelling around Australia, S.E. Gilchrist now resides in one of my favourite places, the NSW Hunter Valley, and writes across a range of genres, including fantasy, sci-fi/futuristic, ancient history and post-apocalyptic. I also hear she has a most excellent rural romance in the works – as she should coming from the Hunter! – so keep your eye out for Dance In The Outback.

S.E.’s single title release is a full length sci-fi Legend Beyond The Stars. Check it out…




Legend Beyond The Stars by S.E. Gilchrist coverSeeking redemption from a mission gone terribly wrong, Captain Alana Knight volunteers to aid a dangerous operation to transport colonists between Earth and alien traders. But on board the spaceship, she learns of a galactic war raging for power. A power that can be transformed into a terrible weapon.

When the colonists are betrayed and sold, Alana’s mission is re-defined. Nothing will stop her from keeping those in her care safe and finding a passage home. But her new captor is nothing like she expects…

Commander Tarak El Rajan is human, male and equally determined to retain his payload. With his race on the brink of extinction he is under strict orders to transport all females to the planet Isla for research purposes.

In a world of uncertainty, where the wrong decision could mean the death of an entire race, the last thing either of these two soldiers expects or needs is to fall in love.


Doesn’t that sound fun? With so much at stake this is guaranteed to be a rollicking read and you can own your copy now with just a few clickety-clicks. You can buy direct from Escape Publishing or try Kobo, iTunes, Amazon (Kindle), Amazon UK, Google Play, JB Hi-Fi, All Romance eBooks, Nook, or most excellent Aussie bookseller Booktopia. In other words, from all you favourite booksellers.

Ereader loaded up? Excellent. Now you can play with S.E. Gilchrist!


My Kitchen Disasters


Where do I start? If you ask my three children (now in their twenties) they could probably write a book on the disasters that occur in my kitchen. Thankfully, none of them are into writing, so I’m safe. Until now that is, as the talented writer Cathryn Hein has hit me with an invitation to her blog post Friday Feast.

Since I’m such a hit and miss cook and often stick a pile of food stuff on the stove and wander back to my desk and keyboard, the list of meals I bring to the table in an edible state is pitifully small. I’m lucky in that I can eat just about anything and don’t really care what the meal looks like ie a dog’s dinner or cordon bleu is all the same to me. Alas, my family is a bit more picky. And this (thank the stars) has culminated in everyone cooking for themselves except on the rare occasions when I stir myself to visit the stove. I excuse myself with: (a) I’ve been doing the house-mum thing for too long and it’s your turn and (b) I need to squeeze in my writing time after doing the full time work thing all day.

When I do cook, there will be a book propped up on the sink which I will read will pretending to supervise the cooking process.

In the spirit of bearing all, I’ll like to share with you a few of my disasters:

  • the usual burnt offerings which have been reduced to blobs of carbon and the baking dish has to be thrown out since it was impossible to scrape the mess off the bottom. Needless to say this also includes the copious times when the smoke detector blares into life which sends the dogs into a frenzy of barking.S.E. Gilchrist's dog Rex looking innocent
  • a dozen raw eggs dropped onto the kitchen tiles. Seriously, has anyone tried to mop up raw egg from the floor? Slimy and slippery it makes my skin crawl to remember.
  • the substitution of plain flour for self-raising floor in the mistaken belief that the sponge would still rise and be fluffy. Think leather boots and an insane dash to the shops to buy a last minute birthday cake.
  • the tray of frozen meat shoved out the kitchen window onto the carport roof to defrost. In Summer. And totally forgotten about until the next day. The steak had cooked and provided a pretty decent meals for the flies.
  • the day the dog made off with the chicken (again defrosting but this time on the kitchen bench) and the humans ate vegetables for dinner.

Really I could continue but in case you’re thinking I’m a total loss in the kitchen, I can cook a mean roast dinner, a hearty and tasty green pea and bacon hock soup, fluffy quiches and wow, you should see me toss up a salad. The last two are favourites in summer. Oh, and I can really lay out a cheese platter.



A delicious looking quiche

1 sheet ready made short-crust pastry

3 eggs (beaten)

1 cup cheese (I usually use light tasty cheese)

1 cup chopped fresh spinach (if I have any)

One layer of thinly sliced tomatoes over the base or

1/2 to 1 cup chopped cooked BBQ chicken.

1 tablespoon french mustard (which gives it a nice tang)

1 chopped cooked onion

1/2 cup light milk (or soy milk)

Method: Throw everything in a bowl and mix together (after you’ve cooked the onion that is). Lightly grease quiche dish and place one sheet of the pastry over. Cook pastry in hot oven for about 10 or 15 minutes then pile the ingredients on top and bake for about another 20 to 30 minutes depending on your oven.

Serve with salad of your choice.

That’s enough baring of souls for me. I had hoped to have my next indie published book up and out there but alas it’s been delayed. But please look out for my forthcoming Aussie rural contemporary romance, Dance in the Outback.

Thank you so much, Cathryn, for hosting me here today. It’s been a blast.


My pleasure, S.E. and thanks so much for that quiche recipe. Delicious, easy, portable and a definite crowd pleaser. There aren’t too many people who’ll say no to a piece of quiche and, as you say, it makes a perfect meal for warmer weather.

Okay, lovely Feasters, what’s your favourite spring recipe? Besides lots of seafood I can’t wait to get into my repertoire of hot, sour and spicy Asian salads. All those fresh ingredients are perfect for warm evenings and lazy weekends, and they’re super easy to whip up. But perhaps you love a good old barbeque, or maybe lightly grilled Mediterranean inspired dishes? Share away and make our mouths water!

If you’d like to learn more about S.E. and her books please visit her website. You can also connect via Facebook, Twitter and the Hunter Romance Writers blog.