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Teaser TuesdayIt’s Teaser Tuesday time again, the blog series where I tantalise you with snippets from works-in-progress, past and upcoming releases, and occasionally let writing buddies play around too.

This week I thought I’d share a paragraph from my short story The One Chance, which is made available free for newsletter subscribers when they sign up, along with another short story Hungarian Rhapsody.

Here’s a little of Daniel, who’s new in town and recently joined the local cricket club…


This was his third outing with the Bulls. The last two matches had been home games and she’d been at both but elusive, hiding in the stands, tugging her broad hat low over her face. Daniel hadn’t had the guts to make his own introduction, but he’d wanted to. Desperately. When the boys came off for tea he kept casting smiles in her direction, wishing she’d come down and join the other women fussing over their men.

Then today as he waited in the shade of the stand for his turn to bat she’d caught his stare and smiled. A tiny, careful smile of hope he’d captured like a fluttering butterfly and held in his heart ever since.

©Cathryn Hein

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