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Teaser Tuesday!

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Teaser Tuesday 2017 logoWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, the blog series where I share snippets from new and past releases, and works-in-progress and occasionally nag author buddies into do the same.

This week I’m delighted to host Fiona Palmer on the blog. Rural romance fans will know Fiona well from books like The Family Farm, Heart of Gold, The Outback Heart, The Saddler Boys and others. Stories that showcase and reflect Fiona’s love for this great country and her passion for rural life.

Fiona’s new release Secrets Between Friends sees a change of direction into women’s fiction, and a change of location. No farms here! But that doesn’t matter. We have a lovely cruise ship and the gorgeous Western Australian coastline instead. There’s one thing that won’t have changed though. You’ll still have your heart warmed with this tale of Aussie friendship.

Here’s Fiona to tell you more about Secrets Between Friends.


Fiona Palmer Author‘How well do you know your friends? Are you super close or are there still secrets you keep from them? Or maybe some friends know bits and another knows the rest or maybe you have no secrets to share?

You could be happily married with kids and yet confide to your friend that you’ve had dreams about the tyre shop man or some young guy who is flirting with you. The secrets don’t have to be big, some are just things we don’t say to anyone else. Then there are the BIG ones, ones that can tear apart your world. Would you trust these with your friends? Then there are the secrets we even keep from ourselves. We might know its lurking deep down but we keep it there, pretending it doesn’t exist. In my new book Secrets Between Friends the characters are doing just this, as well as all the others!!

They are not alone, life is a tricky thing full of emotions and feelings that we sometimes can’t control and other times we control them too much and don’t listen to our hearts.  Imagine all of that on a ship, where there is no escape when some of these secrets sneak out. That’s what happens for these three friends Jess, Abbie and Ricki. Then throw in best friend Peter. It’s going to be a rocky ride, that’s for sure. Here is a snippet from Abbie….


Abbie: Hell, where had the time gone? Abbie was twenty-seven with not much to show for it. Yet another thing to add to her list of Secrets Between Friends by Fiona Palmerfailures. It was growing day by day. If it kept up like this she might need more note paper.

She twisted the end of her long black hair as her eyes moved across to another bright sticky note. One o’clock, Doctor Rikes.

God, how she hated that sticky note. It had tortured her from the moment she stuck it up on her wall. Not even the bright pink could sway the feeling of dread it brought. But today was the day. With some luck she’d get some answers. Abbie let her head fall to the desk and rest against the cold melamine. She just had to get through the next few hours without screaming, swearing at Derek or curling up in a ball under her desk.

Her life felt as if it had derailed and she was travelling along unknown tracks, rough and bumpy as the world flashed past in a blur. She hadn’t told a soul. Too scared it would make it real. Too worried she would cry. Too fearful she would fall apart.


I hope you all enjoy Secrets Between Friends!

Cheers Cathryn for having me.


A pleasure, Fiona. I’m hearing amaaaazing things about Secrets Between Friends and readers are gobbling it up. Hard to resist a book loaded with secrets.

Secrets Between Friends is available for purchase in paperback and ebook from these retailers. Grab your copy today!

Booktopia, Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Amazon.com, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play, your favourite bookshop or chain store.

If you’d like to learn more about Fiona, please visit her website. You can also connect on Facebook and Twitter using @fiona_palmer.


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Teaser Tuesday!

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Teaser Tuesday 2017 logoWelcome to the fun that is Teaser Tuesday, the blog series where I share snippets from upcoming and past releases, and works-in-progress and occasionally pass the reins on to writer buddies.

Today I’m delighted to welcome back best-selling rural romance and life lit author, and ABIA General Fiction Book of the Year winner Rachael Johns to the blog. Rachael’s rural romances are much loved and this month sees the release of her latest, Talk of the Town. The cover of this book is a story in itself. If you’d like to find out how it came to be made, check out all the behind the scenes videos and more here. It’s a hoot!

Anyway, here’s Rach to tell you more.

Author Rachael JohnsHI Cathryn – thanks so much for having me on your fab blog. I love reading your Tuesday Teasers, but it’s much harder to choose an excerpt than I thought. Despite this difficulty I’m excited to share some of TALK OF THE TOWN with you and your readers!

This book is the story of Lawson, a widow with a young son who is still in love with his dead wife and Meg, the intriguing young woman he meets who has moved into a local ghost town. Although both characters are grieving and trying to recover from terrible losses, I like to think there are a lot of fun and light moments in the book. Some of these involve a puppy that Lawson buys for Meg – but he keeps it a secret from his sister and friends. The below scene is when he’s discovered and they all start wondering if there’s more to the situation than him simply wanting to help a stranger!!


‘You bought a puppy?’ Ned asked, his mouth full of ice-cream.

Lawson didn’t have the chance to reprimand him before Tab perched her hand on her hip and demanded, ‘Well, if this is true, what on earth have you done with it?’

This felt like the bloody Spanish Inquisition. Adeline, Ned and Tabitha were all glaring at him as they waited for an answer. Ethan licked his ice-cream and looked on in obvious amusement.

‘It’s true.’ Lawson looked to Tab and then to Ned. ‘I did buy a puppy, but not for us.’ He swallowed, drew his suddenly sweaty hands out of his pockets and wiped them against his shorts. ‘I bought him for Meg, the woman Ned and I met in Rose Hill.’

Tab’s lips transformed from a thin line into a wide grin. ‘Oh, really?’

‘You dark horse!’ Ethan slapped him on the back in obvious approval. ‘I thought you said she wasn’t very keen on socialising. Hang on a minute, is she the girl who baked those cakes?’

Talk of the Town by Rachael Johns‘What cakes?’ asked Ned.

Lawson had shared the cakes Meg had given him with Ethan for smoko over the last couple of days, knowing that if he’d brought them into the house, Tab would have wanted to know where they’d come from. He’d led Ethan to believe one of the old dears in town had gifted them.

He nodded in confirmation at Ethan.

Ethan grinned. ‘That orange cake could give the CWA a run for their money.’

‘Sounds like you have a bit of talking to do, big brother,’ Tab said, not sounding cranky in the slightest.

The same could not be said for Adeline. ‘You never said you were taking a puppy for a … a woman.’ Hurt and surprise flashed in her eyes. Lawson felt a tiny pinprick of remorse—he didn’t want to hurt Adeline—but perhaps if she thought there was something going on with him and Meg, she’d finally get the message that the two of them were never going to be more than friends.

‘I didn’t say I wasn’t,’ he countered. ‘Is there a problem?’

‘That girl sure can cook,’ Ethan said, still stuck, as usual, on the food thing.

Adeline glared at him and then looked back to Lawson, her eyebrows raised expectantly. ‘Of course there’s a problem. I take great care finding good homes for my dogs and I don’t feel comfortable with one going to a stranger.’

‘Dad?’ Ned tugged at his shirt. ‘Can we go visit Meg and the puppy?’

Lawson ignored him. ‘She’s not a stranger. I’ve met her twice now and she fell in love with the puppy the moment she laid eyes on him. Relax, Adeline: she’s a young woman living on her own in Rose Hill. You know how isolated that makes her. Your dog will have all her attention. He’ll be fine, more than fine.’

‘Having met someone twice, you can hardly give her a character reference.’ Adeline sniffed and clutched the raffle tickets and tin close against her chest. ‘What else do you know about her? Why is she living all on her lonesome in such a place?’

Lawson bristled, feeling defensive on Meg’s part. ‘I don’t know. Not all of us waste so much time prying into other people’s business.’

‘Are you going to see her again? Are you going to check she’s taking proper care of my dog?’

‘I paid you for that dog, Adeline. It isn’t yours anymore. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ve got to go buy some—’ he glanced up and across the car park ‘—candles. See you later.’

Lawson strode off before she could say another word and didn’t return to the ice-cream stall until she’d moved on.

‘Dad,’ Ned said the moment he arrived back, ‘can we please go visit Meg?’

‘No,’ Lawson snapped. Ned was just as persistent as Adeline when he wanted something, but at least he had the excuse of childhood. ‘Will you just stop asking?’ There were enough voices in his head telling him to take another drive to Rose Hill, and he didn’t like the way he felt not quite himself around Meg.


Doesn’t that sound fab? A copy of Talk of the Town can be yours in an instant by simply visiting Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play, Booktopia, Angus and Robertson Bookworld, Fishpond or your favourite retailer.

If you’d like to learn more about Rachael and her books, please visit her website. You can also connect of Facebook, Twitter using @RachaelJohns, Instagram and Goodreads.


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Teaser Tuesday!

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Teaser Tuesday 2017 logoWelcome to another delectable edition of Teaser Tuesday, the blog where I share snippets from upcoming and past releases, and works-in-progress. And occasionally con writer buddies into doing the same.

This week I’m delighted to host Marilyn Forsyth on the blog. Marilyn writes in the best genre – rural romance. Her stories feature hunky heroes (of course!) and huggable heroines and are set in remote and rugged outback locations. You may know Marilyn from her debut novel The Farmer’s Perfect Match, book one in her Outback Gems series.

Well, book two has just released and it sounds a beauty. Here’s Marilyn to tell you more about it.


Marilyn Forsyth authorThanks so much for having me on Teaser Tuesday, Cathryn!

Falling in Love Again is a story about star-crossed lovers reunited (my favourite trope 😊). Gemma and Jamie meet by chance in an outback town seven years after the demise of their youthful relationship. Gemma is now a single mum struggling to recover from an abusive marriage, while Jamie is an opal miner who has recently unearthed a treasure in the form of an opalized skeleton. Though the old pull is still there for them both, there is a major obstacle. Gem is desperate to buy the unique fossil for the museum she works for, but Jamie—in order to repay a debt owed to someone close to him—needs to sell it to the highest bidder.

Gem tries everything she can think of to convince Jamie of the need to save the fossil, but to no avail. In this excerpt, they are having drinks in the only pub in town. Jamie makes it clear that he is still very much attracted to her, and Gem is considering giving in to the old feelings he arouses, in the hope that in doing so she can persuade him to sell the skeleton to her. It’s a moral dilemma made even more problematic by the prospect that, maybe, just maybe, she’s starting to fall in love with him again.


Gem stared at Jamie’s mouth, remembering the feeling of being kissed by him, knowing that if she allowed it to happen, she could be experiencing that same unforgettable sensation again before the night ended.

Towards the end of her counselling sessions, her counsellor had stressed the importance of ‘moving on’ from her abusive marriage—when she was ready.

Was she finally ready?

It had been two years since the separation, longer still since sex had been enjoyable. Roger had liked things on the rough side as their relationship worsened. It hadn’t been hard for her to suppress any longing to be with a man after that.

Until now.

Falling in Love Again by Marilyn ForsythMuch as she hated to admit it, the thought of making love with Jamie, this man she’d once loved, intrigued her. What would it be like? Beneath the table, her thighs pressed together as her body recalled the intimate touch of Jamie’s long, square-tipped fingers. The impact on her senses—the thundering heartbeat, the rapid breathing, the somersaulting stomach—was instant. And unstoppable.

That’s what made this man so dangerous.

But the appeal of giving in to her sensual side was suddenly almost overwhelming and, if she and Jamie were as good together as memory served, it might be exactly what she needed to help her move on after Roger. The question remained though: could she allow herself to respond to Jamie freely, knowing that love was not a part of the equation?

Or would this habit of hers, of overthinking everything, prevent her from even going through with it?

Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.

Jamie fixed his unsettlingly perceptive storm-blue eyes on her. Was he reading her thoughts again?

Without a word, he pushed off his chair and walked to the jukebox. Next thing, the soft and beautiful strains of Can’t Help Falling in Love floated through the air. The music caught and held her and she smiled despite herself; they’d both been fanatical Elvis fans.

He sauntered back. ‘Dance with me?’

How could she say no? She nodded, her insides quivering like a bungee-jumper on the verge of a leap into…nothingness.

He led her onto the floor and, locked within the confines of his strong arms, she fell into the song’s smooth rhythm. They moved perfectly in step. Like old times.

His hand firmly on the small of her spine, he pulled her against him, folding their fingers together on his chest. Pulsatingly conscious of his heartbeat under her hand, of his cheek pressed against her hair, of his warm breath on her neck, every nerve in her swaying body palpitated with the awareness.

‘This feels good,’ he murmured into her ear.

‘Mmm,’ she hummed back.

The agreement was unfeigned; it felt way better than good. He held her the way he had when they’d first fallen in love. Tightly. Protectively. His body felt so solid, so reliable, and his arms provided such a sense of safety it was difficult to resist the dangerous ground he represented.

But she had to resist it. And with a lot more success than she was currently experiencing. She breathed in his spicy aftershave, her eyes slid closed and she surrendered to the sensations, forgetting everything else.


Doesn’t that sound fantastic? And it’s a lover’s reunited story. Rah! One for us rural romance fans and anyone who loves Aussie stories.

Falling In Love Again is out now. Score your copy in an instant by simply swiping, tapping or clicking these links. Try Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play, NookBooktopia or your favourite ebook retailer.

If you’d like to learn more about Marilyn and her books, please visit her website. You can also connect via Facebook and Twitter using @emforsyth.


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Teaser Tuesday!

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Teaser TuesdayWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, the blog series where I share snippets from upcoming and past releases, and works-in-progress and occasionally invite writing buddies to join in the fun.

It’s Christmas holiday time, which means this will be the last Teaser Tuesday of the year but never fear, we’ll be back again in 2017 with more booky goodness for you to savour.

Well, WAYWARD HEART has been on the shelves for a week now. Thanks to everyone who has snapped up a copy and a huge thank you for all your gorgeous feedback. I’m so thrilled you’ve enjoyed Digby and Jasmine’s story!

Being Christmas, I was tempted to share another snippet of SANTA AND THE SADDLER but I decided to stick with WAYWARD HEART because that’s the book on shelves everywhere and I’d love you all to find a copy under the tree or in your stocking this Christmas.

I think I’ve mentioned before that one of my all-time favourite characters is Granny B, who we first met in ROCKING HORSE HILL and has also appeared in SUMMER AND THE GROOMSMAN. She so adores a good meddle and she’s in fine form in WAYWARD HEART.

I’ve been contemplating a short story or novella about Granny B for quite a while now but I had no useable plot ideas. But this morning, when I was lying in bed, one came to me and now all I want to do is write it. It’ll have to wait though. I have Chrissy and the Burroughs Boy to finish first and a Christmas break to enjoy. So, I’ll so what I always do with these things and jot the idea down and file it away until the time’s right.

In the meantime, we can still savour the delight that is Granny B in WAYWARD HEART. Here’s a little taste of her in action.


Dinner in Camrick’s kitchen proved, as Josh had warned, a torment of sly looks and Wayward Heart by Cathryn Heinsneaky questions. The entire household appeared to know he hadn’t slept in his own bed since Saturday night. Digby tried to concentrate on his meal—fried zucchini flowers followed by baked whole rainbow trout from a local fish farm—and hoped his refusal to play along would be indication enough that he had no intention of satisfying their curiosity. For the most part, it worked on his sister and mother. His grandmother, however, was made of sterner stuff.

Granny B dabbed carefully at the edges of her mouth and laid down her napkin. ‘I trust you and Jasmine have been comparing notes, Digby.’

The mention of Jasmine’s name lifted the hairs on the back of Digby’s neck. He blinked and quickly took a mouthful of wine. Jas had cautioned that his grandmother suspected something. He hadn’t expected her to come right out with it.


Wayward Heart is available right now from these excellent stores:


Angus & Robertson Bookworld


Amazon.com | Amazon.au | Amazon.uk



Google Play

Or, if you feel up to braving the Australian shopping crowds, try BigW, Kmart, Target or your favourite book store.


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Wayward Heart’s Cover Model Reveals All!

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Oh, my lovelies, I am so thrilled, for today we have a very special event: an interview with Wayward Heart’s cover model.

How cool is that?

If you’ve been following me around the internet, you’ll know how obsessed I am with this cover. I just adore it. The colours are beautiful, the romantic feel spot on, and the image that Harlequin’s clever designers have used is perfect. I’ve fallen so in love with it that I can’t remember how I initially imagined Jas and Digby. When I think of them now all I picture is the book, that’s how perfectly they’ve been shown.

Anyway, enough of me gushing and let’s say a big sunny cheerio to Kate Swan, who’s probably freezing her toes off in the UK right now.


Actress and model Kate Swan

Actress and model Kate Swan

Hi Kate and welcome!

Thanks so much for taking the time to join us. It’s very exciting and the first time we’ve had a cover model on the blog. I can’t wait to discover more about how this job came about and that clinch with Mr Sexy Snog Man (as I lovingly call him in my head), but we’ll get to that.

In the meantime, perhaps you can tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m an actress represented by The Markham Agency, London. And also run my own company ‘Forever Fairy Tales Ltd’ supplying bespoke entertainment for children’s parties specialising in Princess and Superhero characters!

I mostly work in theatre although am looking to move in to period drama and film.

Since a young age, I was interested in fashion, models and glamorous movie stars. I started building a portfolio with local photographers, and occasionally get bookings via Instagram. I follow photographers that interest me and that’s how I found Rehka Garton. She’s been doing book covers since a young age.


Wow. Rehka’s website looks amazing. Definitely worth checking out, and what fun your children’s parties must be. There’s nothing like being a princess!  And I see from your Spotlight profile that you’ve done a lot of Royal Shakespeare Company training. That’s really impressive and makes me even prouder to have you on my cover.

So, is Wayward Heart your first book cover? How did you get the gig?

Rehka decided to cast me for her next book cover shoot, but needed a male model also. And after a Facebook suggestion, that’s how I met the stunning Jack. He’d never modelled before, but looked perfect! We met the day of the shoot, and instantly struck a great working relationship and ‘on screen’ partnership. Half our shoots are spent laughing along with the photographer! We now offer ourselves as a professional pairing for couple shoots and advertisement.


That’s such a great story and how cool that this has led you and Jack into doing more work together. You could become romance cover royalty!

Speaking of which, how does it feel to be on a romance novel cover? What do your friends and family think?

I think my mum was most excited! She works managing libraries across Hertfordshire, and can’t wait to see the books on the shelf. As I have four out now for various authors. Wayward Heart will always be special as it was my first booking and chosen cover!


Aww, that’s so nice. I’m chuffed to be your first.

Now, can you share what a typical shoot is like? Have you experienced any funny moments in your career?

Oh plenty! It’s my favourite thing to be on set, in any form, whether its theatre or camera. I always feel in my element and most alive when I’m acting. Normally it’s an early start, costume fitting, then hair and makeup. Unless scripted or directed, I tend to input ideas and move in the moment, playing as I go until the feeling becomes fluid and natural. Being an actress, my modelling is highly influenced by a character and ‘telling the story’ through a staged scene (pose). Perhaps its why book covers are my niche!

Actress and model Kate Swan

Actress and model Kate Swan

I have had advert auditions, usually odd: perhaps being asked to look into the camera and cry on cue (with no reasoning!) Or scrub a pretend bath whilst miming ‘Flash’ by Queen! But you’re usually in the room for no more than a couple of minutes. I hope to land one soon.

The funniest moment of my professional career, was playing ‘Elizabetta’ in Dracula, a scare show performed in Stratford-Upon-Avon. In the opening scene after black out I had misread my spacing in the dark, and knocked into a table, smashing two prop glasses all over the stage floor! So when the lights came back up it was up to sexy vampire ‘Elizabetta’ to glide on stage with dustpan and brush and clean the mess in character (staring out an audience member) so the two actors playing Dracula and Johnathan Harker could carry on the scene.

There’s nothing like life theatre but I literally wanted to die inside. But as we came off finally the laughter commenced!


Funny, especially having a sexy vampire do something so domestic! I can understand the wanting to die feeling. I’d feel the same but I guess this is where your professionalism and training kick in and you simply act your way through it.

And now, my favourite bit, that clinch…

Wayward Heart’s cover image is so breath-taking and romantic. Did it feel like that at the time or is the truth that it was awkward and you nearly fell on your bum? It’s okay, you can tell us.

Wayward Heart by Cathryn Hein

Me and Jack have a great chemistry and seem to ‘look’ right as a romantic pairing. Since, we’ve done wedding shots and a period book cover photoshoot. From the moment go we clicked and nothing was awkward. He’s a great kisser, I can’t really say it’s a ‘job’. The shoots are really relaxed and creative. We’ve become a great team.

It’s like working with my best mates, we have a good laugh, but I always know we’ll produce something exciting.


I have a terrible crush on Mr Sexy Snog Man Jack. Even worse now you’ve told me he’s a great kisser (I knew he would be, deep sigh).

Is he truly that gorgeous in real life? Do you think he’d mind a middle-aged Australian romance author as a stalker-friend? I promise not to be too creepy.

Mr Sexy, invites your musing with open arms! We are both so grateful for you choosing our shot from R.G Photography.

And yes, he’s a stunner, as well as a great guy!


A stunner, great guy AND a fantastic kisser? I’m definitely going to stalk Jack now.

Thanks so much, Kate, for giving us such a great insight into how Wayward Heart’s cover image came about and a sneak peek at your life. It was fascinating and fun. We all appreciate you taking the time to share and wish you the very best in your career.

So, lovely readers, if you’d like to discover more about Kate, you can follow her on Twitter using @kateswanact or connect via Facebook. You’ll also find Kate’s acting profile on Spotlight.

We mustn’t forget Jack either (as if!). Follow him on Twitter using @J_Niko_CP

Don’t forget to check out ‘Rekha Garton’ Photography!


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Teaser Tuesday!


Teaser TuesdayWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, the blog series where I share snippets from upcoming and past releases, and works-in-progress and occasionally invite writing buddies along to play.

Wayward Heart is now officially one day old. Yesterday was release day and what fun was had with its Six Secret Things blog and sharing of quote memes on social media. As well as the usual celebratory fizz.

I also bought myself a gorgeous bunch of pink roses and ate more than my usual quota of cherries. Because RELEASE DAY!

In the past my books have come out on a Tuesday or Wednesday but Wayward Heart bucked the trend by hitting shelves on a Monday, which has freed today up for another delicious instalment of Teaser Tuesday, and another delectable taste of Jas and Digby.

Sigh. I love this book. The friends-to-lovers trope is a favourite and these two make it even more gorgeous and sexy.



She stilled, her eyes dropping to the floor, her tone barely more than a whisper. ‘Don’t, Digby. Just leave it. Please. It’s not—’ She breathed in hard and lifted her pleading gaze to his. ‘I can handle it.’

‘Handle what?’Wayward Heart by Cathryn Hein

But she shook her head again.

Fear made him harsh. ‘Handle what, Jas?’

‘It’s nothing, honestly. I made a mistake and it’s taking a bit of sorting out, that’s all. It’ll be fine. I’ll be fine.’

She returned to pouring the wine. Digby rubbed the back of his neck and studied her. Whatever Jas claimed, she clearly wasn’t fine. Her eyes were hollow and worry kept her normally full mouth small. Protectiveness simmered inside him. He’d always been a bit weak, a bit soft. Privilege and wealth had made life too easy, but loving and losing Felicity had changed him. Digby knew what anger was now, what unfairness was. Courage that had once been unreachable for him had been found thanks to Felicity, and it still burned. He wasn’t afraid to use it either. What was there to fear for himself? He’d already lost everything that mattered.


Wayward Heart is available right now from these excellent stores:


Angus & Robertson Bookworld


Amazon.com | Amazon.au | Amazon.uk



Google Play

Go on. You know you want to and it’ll make you (and me) feel all lovely!


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It’s Wayward Heart Release Day!

Wayward Heart quote meme - Not be her rebound

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Yes, my lovelies, it’s Wayward Heart’s release day. A time when you have the joy of learning secret things about this gorgeous book, and its characters and setting, and where much fizz is drunk and naughty things eaten in the Hein house.

I am so thrilled to have this book out. It was always my goal to tell the individual stories of the three female friends from Rocking Horse Hill. Emily Wallace-Jones had hers told in that book, while Teagan Bliss’s was revealed in The Falls. Now it’s Jasmine Thomas’s turn and while all three books are special, I think this one has nailed it.

Wayward Heart is a friends-to-lovers story and I don’t know about you, but I reckon that trope is one of the most delicious there is in the romance world, probably because it’s so believable. Jas and Digby have never considered each other to be more than mates, but when circumstances bring them close, they discover unexpected strengths and wonders in each another. What happens next is totally sighworthy, if I do say so myself!

Anyway, as has become tradition on release day, here are some secret things about Wayward Heart. Enjoy!


1/. Wayward Heart contains the most sex I’ve written in a book since Callie and Matt wouldn’t stop going at it like rabbits in Heartland.

2/. Usually (but not always) I have a theme song for my books. In the case of Wayward Heart, I had a whole theme playlist. On it were songs like Hurt by Johnny Cash, Chances by Athlete (made famous in Doctor Who’s Vincent and the Doctor episode) and Run by Snow Patrol.

But the song I played the most and put me very much in Digby’s head is a weird one. I’m not sure that you know but I’ve been a Eurovision Song Contest tragic for well over 25 years. I just adore it. Anyway, the Norwegian entry from the 2015 contest in Vienna was a song called A Monster Like Me by Mørland & Debrah Scarlett, and it fitted Digby perfectly.

At least I thought it did until I saw the film clip and realised it wasn’t about a man giving up the girl he loves, but was instead about a couple of freaky serial killer types…

Ah well.

3/. Wayward Heart was always going to be called Admella Beach after the beach behind Jasmine’s house but for marketing reasons the decision was made to change it. After MUCH brainstorming, we settled on Wayward Heart.

4/. Admella Beach is fictional but it derives its name from the steamship Admella, which was wrecked off the coast of Carpenter Rocks on August 6th 1859. The maritime disaster claimed eighty-nine lives, including 14 children, and has gone down in history as one of Australia’s worst. Only 24 people survived and the story of how they clung to the wreckage for over a week is incredible.

You can find more about the SS Admella at admella.org.au or, if you’re ever visiting South Australia’s Limestone Coast, why not take a trip to Port MacDonnell and visit the Port MacDonnell and District Maritime Museum. Well worth the trip. The Portland Maritime Discovery Centre across the border in Victoria also has a permanent Admella display, including the lifeboat used in the rescue.

A view of the coastline looking west from Port MacDonnell, South Australia.

A view of the coastline looking west from Port MacDonnell, South Australia, not far from where the SS Admella was tragically wrecked.

5/. The 2 opening paragraphs of Wayward Heart came to me in August 2014. I wrote them down and simply carried on with the other books I was working on, and didn’t pick up the story again until May 2015. This happens a lot, but as a career author with contracts to fulfil and readers to satisfy you can’t let yourself get distracted by the bright new shiny things or you’ll never finish anything.

Wayward Heart by Cathryn Hein6/. I think Wayward Heart’s cover is the best I’ve had yet. It’s so sexy and romantic I wish I could dive into it and join them. Actually I’d probably elbow Jas out the way and demand Digby hold me all sexily like that.

Yeah, yeah, so that’s weird, but a girl’s allowed her little fantasies!

Watch out for a really cool Q&A on the blog this coming Friday with cover model Kate Swan, who reveals how the shoot came about, our hero and the details of that clinch.


So there you have it, six secret things about Wayward Heart. I hope you enjoyed this bit of  behind the scenes fun.

Wayward Heart is available from today in paperback and ebook from good book retailers and chain stores.

Or you can purchase copies with just a clickety-click right now from:


Angus & Robertson Bookworld


Amazon.com | Amazon.au | Amazon.uk



Google Play

For an excerpt and more, including the The Story Behind Wayward Heart, please visit its book page. You can also download samples from your favourite ebook retailer.

As usual, I’ll be celebrating release day with champagne and good things. It might not seem it, but writing a book is bloody hard work. But it’s not just the writing. There’s a whole process to be gone through before a book reaches a reader’s hands and each step involves not just my input but a lot of expert help, from editors to cover designers, marketers and digital people, and others in between. They all deserve a toast for their hard work. So later today I’ll be doing just that, and enjoying it hugely!


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How to Make Your Booklover Smile This Christmas

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Over the course of the year, I’ve been keeping tabs on some of the cool booky things I’ve discovered around the internet. Now, with the the season to be jolly upon us, it’s time to share with this booklover’s gift guide.

So, if you’re looking for Christmas present ideas for readers, writers or those who simply appreciate a bit of booklovin’ fun – and that includes yourself – read on.

I had planned to get this up earlier but between Santa and the Saddler’s release in October and Wayward Heart hitting stores and digital shelves this coming Monday, as well as new projects to manage, it didn’t happen. Sorry! I appreciate it might be a bit too late to order some of the items, especially for we antipodeans, but you can always do an IOU, or keep note for next year, order early and impress everyone with your super efficiency.

Anyway, let’s get started on the pressies.

Stroke Me, Stroke Me

I love Paperblanks. They produce the most beautiful, beautiful notebooks. Not only to look at but to write in too. With their wonderfully textured covers and high quality paper, they’re even satisfying to stroke!

My Paperblanks notebooks

These are the two I purchased from stationery lover’s paradise Pulp Addiction in the Hunter Valley, NSW. Paperblanks are also available from the National Library of Australia bookshop or find your nearest stockist at Paperblanks.com.

Come Read My Lovely Legs

How cool are these tights from the Tights Shop on Etsy? They come in a range of colours and quotes, from Jane Austen to Edgar Allen Poe, to Harry Potter and other favourites.

Literary tights

Great fun and very cute, and for the singles among us, what a pick-up aid! Just stretch out your legs and let the bookloving conversation begin.

You can even get them customised with your own text. Anyone for a pair of Wayward Heart or Santa and the Saddler tights?

Cos A Girl Can Never Have Enough

More notebooks, this time from Moleskine. I bought myself this “All You Need Is Love” one from the limited edition Beatles collection because it reminded me of a scene in Santa and the Saddler where the hero Danny sings along in his ute, smug with joy and love, to another Beatles song “She Loves You”. Fishpond has free delivery but the collection is also available from Amazon and Notemaker also has some.

All you need is love notebook

By the way, if you haven’t tried Notemaker, it’s a marvellous shop. Like Pulp Addiction you can spend aaaaaages there, wallowing in stationery bliss.

A Bum For Your Book

I ordered this handy Book Seat from the manufacturer on Wednesday and it was dispatched within a few hours. Great service! Wonderful to know they’re Australian but the product itself is available worldwide. It’ll balance books, tablets and e-readers in comfort, saving your neck and back, and leaving your hands free to do other things.

I loved the cartoon pattern on this one but The Book Seat has plenty of other patterns and colours available.

Retro comiic Bookseat

And just think how terrific it’d look with a shiny new copy of Wayward Heart perched on it!

Write Your Way To Luuurve

How’s this for the perfect kit for writing stunning love letters, and normal letters, of course. But love letters are far more sexy and, unlike a that raunchy video of you dancing to The Divinyls “I Touch Myself” while wearing nothing but a peek-a-boo bra and ugg boots, less likely to end up on the internet.

Belle Calligraphy Kit

Available from Booktopia, Bookdepository and pretty much everywhere else, and conveniently wrapped in a pretty box, ready for gifting.

Impress Your Friends With Your Unhandyman-ness

I know they’re fake but these book mural removable wall stickers from Readers’ Niche look goooood. And no drill or hammer skills required.

Book mural removable wall stickers

I reckon they’d look great in the loo, but that’s me. They’d sure beat looking at the golf magazines that usually end up in there.

Oh, hang on, I rather like golf mags.

Everyone Loves A Librarian

And you can be one with this personal library kit from Knock Knock.

Personal library kit

Not only will you be able to stamp with abandon, you’ll be able to chase up those non-returning friends and work out in a jiffy who left the red wine stain on page 153 of your favourite romance.

Probably me. I’m a shocker with books. And red wine, but that’s another story.

Sweet Nothings

Leave cute messages to your beloved on your fridge using this magnetic poetry kit set from Pulp Addiction. They’re like sweet nothings in your kitchen and far, far more romantic than a text message. Or that dangerous video I mentioned above.

Magnetic Poetry Kit

You can even buy a cowboy version. Yee-haa!

Warm Your Wayward Heart

What? Surely you didn’t expect me to not put my own book forward as a gift idea? A girl has turkey ‘n fizz to buy!

Wayward Heart by Cathryn Hein

Wayward Heart releases Monday and it’s a gorgeous friends-to-lovers story that will warm your heart and leave you sighing in happiness. Plus its cover is stunning and very, very strokeable. Yes, I’m biased, but I swear on my favourite golf club that these claims are true!

It’s also a breeze to wrap and you can even gift the ebook on Amazon. No hassle, no waiting, too easy. The perfect gift, wouldn’t you say? Grab a copy from these stores.

Booktopia | Angus & Robertson Bookworld

Amazon.com | Amazon.au | Amazon.uk

Kobo | iBooks | Google Play

You should buy it and tell all your family and work colleagues and buddies and the postman and the lady at the shop and, well, everyone in sight to buy it too. Or you could just purchase a bazillion copies yourself and gift them. I’m not fussy. Honest.


I hope you enjoyed these suggestions and if you have any of your own, please share. As I’m sure you’re well aware, one can never have enough booky goodness.

In the meantime, happy shopping!


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Teaser Tuesday!

Teaser TuesdayGreetings, lovelies, and welcome to another tantalising instalment of Teaser Tuesday, the blog series where I share snippets from upcoming and past releases, and works-in-progress, and also let author buddies play.

Can you believe it’s only THIRTEEN sleeps until Wayward Heart releases?

So close!

I’m still impatiently waiting on my author copies to arrive so I can gaze dopily at them, give the cover a caress or twenty, and sigh heavily at the pure romance of it while imagining myself in that clinch. I was asked on Twitter the other day what Digby looked like in my head and I had to reply that I couldn’t remember because when I think of Digby now all I picture is that cover model. Total babe. I may have to kiss him. A lot.

Which is not weird. Nope. Not at all. Not really.

Okay, maybe a little bit but authors are meant to be a bit eccentric, aren’t they?

Anyway, moving on…

Wayward Heart releases December 12th. Pre-order the ebook today from Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and Google Play, or the paperback from Booktopia, Angus and Robertson Bookworld, or your favourite retailer. Go on, it’ll make you feel good and you’ll get to stroke the Sexy Snog Man. You’ll even be able to kiss him in the privacy of your own home if you want. Surely worth it for that opportunity alone?

Now for a taste of Wayward Heart and its hero Digby Wallace-Jones, a man who outwardly has everything but who inside is broken with grief over the death of his fiancé Felicity. The poor darling. I may have to give him an extra kiss to help him feel better.


Digby flicked off the car radio. The last thing he wanted tonight was an announcer’s cheer. What he did want Digby had no idea, but it wasn’t that upbeat inflection or yet another bloody love song. He hated love. He hated everything.

Levenham’s fringes gave way to highway. The speed limit increased to 110 kilometres an hour. He eased his foot down. The lights of his Mercedes scorched the darkness with blazing tunnels of white. He liked the car’s power, the panther speed of its response. Perhaps if he’d bought a Merc instead of that useless Jeep he’d have made it to Rocking Horse Hill in time to prevent Felicity’s panicked flight to the quarry. Seconds had mattered that night. And he’d been late.

Wayward Heart by Cathryn HeinHe sped westward, aware he’d have to turn south soon to avoid any glimpse of the district’s other ancient volcanic cone. There were so many of the things, scattered like acne across the plains of western Victoria and into this lower corner of South Australia. Since the accident Digby couldn’t stand the sight of them. Once harmless hills were now symbols of the earth’s treachery and triggers of pain. He knew his feelings were irrational. The hills weren’t alive. They possessed no conscience. They just were. Still he charged them with blame.

The night was clear and a three-quarter moon cast the rural terrain in an eerie, spectral glow. The kilometres ate away, gobbled by his leaden foot and the car’s supremacy over the land. To the left on a rise, a crop of silvery wind turbines stood in formation like alien creatures about to attack. Digby slowed as his turnoff appeared.

The road was narrow and isolated, but fully sealed and in reasonable condition. Familiar with the route and confident it was unlikely to be patrolled, Digby lowered every window then pressed his foot down dangerously hard. His grip tightened as the car surged. Fence lines and the occasional shed flew past. Wind blasted across him, buffeting the car’s interior. The land blurred as he lost himself in the sensation of speed and noise and his imaginary race towards her.

It wasn’t enough. It was never enough to drown the echoes in his head.



Find out more about Wayward Heart and how I came to write it in Of Beaches And Brothers, And Friends To Lovers, the story behind Wayward Heart For another excerpt and more, check out the Wayward Heart book page.


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Teaser Tuesday!

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Teaser TuesdayWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, the tantalising blog series where I share snippets from my works-in-progress, up-coming releases and published novels, and occasionally let good writing buddies take the reins. But not today. Today is me and it’s going to be fun!

I hope.

Eh hem.

Santa and the Saddler has now been out three weeks and I’m thrilled to bits with the feedback and reviews it’s received. Seems as though everyone has fallen in love with Danny as much as I did. Very cool.

I’ve had such a ball with this book that I’ve decided a sequel is a must. So here is a public announcement that next year I’ll be releasing another Christmas story. Its working title will be Chrissy and the Burroughs Boy and the hero will be Danny’s brother Nick (aka Numbnuts).

Now all I have to do is squeeze it into my writing schedule. Somewhere. Oh, and a plot would help, but that’s a minor issue (not). Then there’s editing and a cover and formatting and…

*pants and looks around wildly for escape*

Nah, it can be done. I think. Maybe.


Back to Santa and the Saddler… Last week I gave the go-ahead for print distribution but it usually takes a little while for the books to flow to the online retailers. I will, however, have a limited quantity of personally signed print copies available for purchase direct from me. Newsletter subscribers get first dibs on these, so if you’re not signed up you’d better get onto it!

Or for instant gratification, download the ebook from Amazon, Kobo, iBooks or Nook and start feeling the Danny-luuuuuurve today.

In the meantime, please enjoy this little taste of the Burroughs brothers.


Nick wandered to Danny’s side, beer in his hand. He eyed Beth and shook his head. ‘How the hell you got a girl like that will be forever one of life’s mysteries.’

‘No mystery. Smarter, better looking, usual shit.’

Cover of Santa and the Saddler by Cathryn Hein‘Yeah, right.’

They watched Beth chat animatedly with Ebs and Sienna, Danny feeling like he could burst with pride as well as humility. Nick was right. How the hell a gorgeous, clever girl like Beth could be with a simple country bloke like himself was a mystery. Whatever the reason, he was grateful. Grateful, humble, happy, and crazy in love. Forgetting he was standing next to his brother, Danny gave in to an indulgent sigh.

Nick took a suck of beer. ‘So when’s the wedding?’

‘Very funny.’

‘Not that funny. Pretty obvious you’re nuts about each other.’

The comment made Danny wish he had his own beer to suck on. Yeah, they were nuts about each other, but it wasn’t going to be that easy.


I’ll be sending a newsletter out this week (Wednesday 16th, ie tomorrow Aust time) with details on how to order personally signed copies of Santa and the Saddler, so if you don’t want to miss out, sign up NOW. I’ll also be including the entire opening chapter of Wayward Heart, which releases next month, and other fun stuff. Click here or below to join the cool people.


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